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Who We Are

Portland Buy Local is led by a group of dedicated volunteers

Board Leadership


Our board of directors is made up of member small business owners and leadership, non profit leaders, and individuals all passionate about Portland and our buy local mission. Interested in joining our board? Contact us at

AMY LANDRY, President – Communications Director & Co-Owner, Benchmark Real Estate

My Portland is: Growing, Desirable, Welcoming

How did you get here: I grew up in Midcoast Maine and moved to Portland to attend USM. When I was ready to transfer and move to the West Coast, I met a handsome stranger who liked to fix up and sell old houses. I stayed instead and now 20 years later we work together in the locally-owned company he built.

Why do YOU buy local? Coming from Maine, so many other towns and cities felt so inauthentic. It’s just a fact that locally-owned businesses pour more back into the local economy than big box stores, chains, and franchises. They are also one of the reasons we’re seeing a boom in the housing market here. People and the companies that employ them want to be near the unique amenities and value the quality of life our local business community provides. I don’t want us to lose any of that.

TOM GANGEWER, Treasurer –Marketing Director, Local Economy Payroll

My Portland is: Independent, Quirky, and Sustainable

How did you get here: Twenty-four years ago, I had an opportunity to come to Portland on business that resulted in being offered an opportunity to stay. Accepting that offer was one of the best decisions of my life.

Why do YOU buy local? I buy local because I like knowing the people who I do business with. From restaurants and retail stores to B2B services, Southern Maine is bursting with business owners who took substantial risk to do what they love. I enjoy building my community through buying from them, working with them, and getting to know them better.

JOHN CRANE, Vice-President – General Manager, Portland Food Co-op

My Portland is: Imaginative, resilient, gracious

How did you get here?. I first experienced Portland in the early 90s while attending USM. That Portland was a “less refined” version of its current self. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time here. After living in Boston, Albuquerque, and two other places in Maine, I jumped at the chance to return to Portland in 2011. It feels more like home than any other place I have lived.

Why do YOU Buy Local? Both my parents and grandparents owned small grocery stores in eastern Maine. I grew up understanding that spending your money at a local business directly supports the owners, workers, and their families, and that this support matters. Supporting local businesses encourages community development and empowerment.

AMBER MCDONALD, Secretary – Cheif Marketing Officer & Co-founder, Local Image

My Portland is: Vibrant, Thriving, Supportive

How did you get here? I was born in Portland and Rasied 30 minutes outside of the city. It was not until I moved away at 18, and came back at 22 that I found myself building a life in Portland. For the past 7 years I have lived and worked right downtown, falling inlove with every aspect of this city.

Why do YOU Buy Local? Moving to a big city was the start of my appreciation for local businesses. I admire the hard work and dedication that small business owners exude every day, and I truly believe the presence of local establishments is what creates the character of a city. Today I own a marketing agency built for small business, and I have dedicated my career to helping them Thrive. 

Volunteer Committees


Our work is supported by several all volunteer committees. Each committee has a board member chair, who reports back to the board the activities of the committee. Our committee members donate their time to support member programming, marketing and education, as well as guide organizational operations. Committees include Governance, Marketing & Education, Programming & Events. Interested in volunteering on one of our committees?

Contact us at and tell us which committee you are interested in.


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