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May is Shift Your Health and Wellness Month!

We hope you have been following our Shift campaign. It’s a great way for us to group our members into monthly themes and encourage our friends and followers to shift the way they spend money in these categories.

In May, we encourage you to Shift Your Health and Wellness!

Check out the many Portland Buy Local members who fit into this category – it’s our largest so far, by far. Over 70 businesses fit into this month’s theme, which goes to show you just how seriously we Portlanders take the idea of health and wellness. How might you make some changes this month? We’ve got local massage therapists, personal fitness coaches, bike shops, healthy eateries, a gym for kids, tea houses, yoga studios… you name it: if it has to do with fitness and wellness, Portland has it! So, how can you alter your spending so that you can support our locally-owned and independent health and wellness businesses here in Portland?

This month, keep in touch with us on our facebook page to learn about the members in this category and to hear how others are shifting their spending.

Stay tuned for more ideas and resources for making your shift to a strong, local economy. To learn more about the Shift Campaign, click here.
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