October is Shift your Food and Drink!

August was a wonderful month of discovering Portland’s amazing Arts & Culture! Now, here we are in October: the month when we encourage you to Shift Your Food and Drink!

For the past year we’ve been talking about ‘shifting your spending’ and have highlighted everyone from banks to cryptozoologists to interior decorators. These are the businesses and organizations that make Poryland such a great city to live in and we hope that so far in 2013, you found a new place in our community to purchase your goods or services.

Check out the Portland Buy Local members who fit into this month’s category – they include grocers, restaurants and cafes, fermenters, and so much more. We’re thrilled to show off this crew – after all, Portland has always been recognized as a destination for delicious eats and creative drinks! How might you make some changes this month? Visit a local grocer, buy fish fresh from our harbor, and discover the amazing teas and brews that are made right here in Portland!
This month, keep in touch with us on our facebook page to learn about the members in this category and to hear how others are shifting their spending.

In the coming months we’ll continue to bring you new ways to discover local businesses and services – from transportation to vacations and fun, from food and drink to arts and culture, from shopping to local charities. If you are a business in these areas but not yet a member, sign up now to be included in our public relations and marketing campaign.
To learn more about the national Shift Campaign, click here.
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