Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan

1. Tell us about the last 3 purchases you made at locally owned, independent businesses.

Today for lunch I had a burrito at Federal Street Spice  – I recently picked up an Eric Clapton cd at Bull Moose  – Bread from Rosemont Market

2. What do you think are the most important resources or programs available to independent businesses in Portland?

Our community.  Residents of Portland are fiercely proud of their city.  They are committed to making Portland better, and recognize that supporting local businesses is the backbone of our economic growth.  That is why, if elected Mayor, I would visit with local small business owners to discuss what must be done to enable them to add one, two, or any number of jobs.

3. Are there any policies or initiatives you think the city should adopt to better support local businesses?

– Establish an ombudsperson in City Hall to streamline the permitting process for Portland businesses and residents.  – Institute time frames and benchmarks for when and how decisions are made and permits granted.  – Help implement a business retention plan and develop a strategic inventory of investment opportunities with a specific emphasis on the creative economy.  – Forge strong partnerships with the University of Southern Maine, the Maine College of Art, the University of New England, Southern Maine Community College and local businesses to expand research and development capacity.

4. Do you think the city should move its bank accounts out of large national banks and into locally owned financial institutions?

It is certainly something I would consider and support after all the financial implications are fully explored.

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