March Brings a New Shift Theme

Portland Buy Local has adopted a yearlong “Shift” Campaign – a practical way for consumers to shift their spending in various categories and make an impact on the local economy.

In January, we encouraged you to “Shift Your Thinking,” and February’s theme was “Shift Your Banking and Finances.” For the month of March, we ask you to shift your home and property. Where can you make some changes to support local businesses?

Springtime is a great time to think about home and property improvements. Sure, March sometimes feels a lot like mid-winter, especially here in Maine. So if you can’t start your outdoor projects (gardening, landscaping, home improvement) right away, there is plenty you can do for your home and property indoors (furnishings, equipment, appliances, energy and utilities). Thinking about renting, buying or selling? Now’s the time to investigate Portland’s independent realtors, property management businesses, and home insurance companies.

You can see that Portlanders take their homes and properties seriously, and value the independent businesses in this category: over 50 of our businesses fit into this month’s theme. Portland businesses have so much to offer when it comes to improving your home and property. We hope you’ll look into them and decide where you can shift your spending this month!

Stay tuned for more ideas and resources for making your shift to a strong, local economy. To learn more about the Shift Campaign, click here.
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