March 12th 2014, Board Meeting Minutes

MARCH Minutes – 3/12/2014

In attendance – Mary Marsh, Danielle Marks, Elliott Teel, Thalassa Raasch, Krsiten Smith, Allen Baldwin,

Doug Johnson, Jan Beitzer, Will Cary, Tony Cox, Deb Tenenbaum.

1. Welcome!

2. Feb Meeting Minutes – motion (Kristen) Jan (seconds) passes.

3. Norman Patrie – to join Board? And also become Treasurer? He understands the job and is

eager. Deb motions to welcome to Board as new treasurer, Danielle seconds.

a. Question about his term, his term begin March 15th

August, an extended term for a total 28 months.

b. Joe, Kristen and him will meet to go over this role.

c. Joe has a few memberships (myemma) that go through his personal bank account – let’s

work to switch these to our accounts!

but his term is two years from

4. Financial report – we are chipping away at our reserve, if we continue at this rate a year from

now will be rough. Let’s have a really strong membership drive!! Cash flow is always down right

now – we usually budget about 28K for membership revenue (Kristen). Move to accept (Jan)

seconds (Allen)

5. MARKETING had a very packed meeting

a. Buy Local Book Club – BLBC! – every third Tuesday beginning in April they will be

meeting at Longfellow Books (20% off the books), capped at 12 ppl if necessary, no

cost. Big Box Swindle is first Book. Sara Ameigh is coordinator and Robert Jennings is


i. Deb has press release, and members will have the first invitation.

ii.Tony motions, Danielle seconds, passes

b. There are new Marketing sub-committees – Events (chaired by Robert and Sarah), New

Marketing ideas/efforts to market members (chaired by Terry and Katrina), Mentorship

programming (Katrina).

i. Jan asks about using front of the website as more of a marketing tool. If

this type of content can be driven by both committees that would be great.

Investigate for tool that let’s you post to website, facebook, etc. all at once

1. Meeting to talk more about what this might look like – Kristen, Danielle,

Elliott, and Thalassa.

2. A second conversation is Thalassa’s time and what to prioritize.

3. Social media intern. Or a volunteer? Maybe Katrina (new volunteer on

marketing committee)

6. MEMBERSHIP – second mailing is out, we are now asking the Board to sign up for remaining 260

c. Directory cover – Alison Webster of Alpine Design Works.

d. Mixer – March 26, 5:30-7:30, April 17th

…Tony for June/July?

a. Google doc to track renewals – please sign up and take on at 10 members

b. Postcard to Welcome new members

c. Reaching out to lapsed members, other businesses in Portland, etc.

at Skillful Home Recreation…Allen for May?


a. Debit card – Thalassa has been paying for PBL costs out of pocket. At UCU we can set up

a sub-account with $300 cap for debit card expenses. Doug and Jan can draft policy for

usage. Allen and Tony move, Will seconds, passes.

b. DWAD – May 1st

i. Kristen feels we are committed but let’s reconsider for the future.Deb moves,

c. Annual Meeting – Local Sprouts again? April/May? Great opportunity to solidify positive

press we’ve had and share growth with our members. Need volunteers to plan this

meeting with PPT, report from committees, etc. Danielle, Kristen, Jan.

i. May 21st

d. Old Port Festival – pull out of Sunday event, and let’s find other creative ways to

activate our members on this weekend. Friday is FF and Sunday is OPF. Opportunity for

Scavenger hunt programming on Saturday.

e. Bill Duggan wants to be cc-ed on minutes – he is welcome to rejoin the Board to know

what’s up.

f. Gubernatorial Race – Mike Micheaux is interested in talking to our Board – let’s offer

this opportunity to all three of the candidates. Informal, large space, opportunity for

our members to meet with candidate and hear their stance. Perhaps asking Erin at Flea-
for-All? It would have to be the candidate itself, not a spokesperson. We would not

endorse. One at a time. Danielle motions, Allen seconds – passes.

g. Beer and Bacon –Kristen will chat with Aaron (send her his phone number)

h. Fundraising Committee – Kristen, Erin, etc. we will convene a meeting of this to take

new ideas of funding forward.

(May 2nd

Danielle seconds – passes.

as rain date), our turn to pay, $1000 is budget.

as potential date.

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