January 15th, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Danielle Marks, Doug Smith, Erin Kiley, Ellott Teel, Deb Tenenbaum, Will Cary, Thalassa Raasch, Mary Marsh, Jan Beitzer, Tony Cox, Kristen Smith, Elise Loschiavo.

• Jan moves to approve minutes, Elise seconds, and the minutespasses.

• Need new treasurer – Norman of Summer Feet Cycling? He has a finance background. Or Sarah on the Finance Committee. Let’s push this through soon!

Anyone on the Board with interest should be in touch with Joe (we use Quickbooksso this isn’t too difficult)


• Get poll out this month

• Press Herald advertisers for Farm-to-Table section in the works

• No January mixer – welcome to new space will happen in February. Ribbon cutting, etc. !!

• New Shift is developing launched in early February – not one at a time call outs but groups.

• Next meeting – 29th


• Perch to finish website update

• Perfect timing to coordinate rolling membership with membership season

• Next meeting – January 14th

getting letter ready to send when Thalassa gets back

• Let’s get out letters sooner this year

• Cover design for directory – new designer? Kristen will reach out to head to Dean, former head of Design Guild, also Jessica Tomlinson of Meca.

o Membership drive this year is really key to accommodate new costs

Crema 8:30, 7:30 at Crema. Initiatives, changing up categories,

o Erin has idea of doing neighborhood walks – have the local focus be on neighborhoods to encourage folks to discover all they can find close to home…tear outs? DEFINITELY have this online. Or have them in stores and charge $1?

o Do we have a new designer? Old map is soo dense. It would be great to get a new set up.

‡ have a month-to-month brown bag lunch discussion series for our members. Let’s poll them to find the issues that are most important to them.

• Forum for members online?

• Kristen proposes that we think on this and look at survey results…add in question about using member space of website.

• Have drawing as incentive to fill out survey – $5 gift card from CBD

Thalassa’s notes – newsletter includes Deb’s V-day pitch, Membership teaser (renewal starts soon, new rolling system, ad sales for directory), happy new year (include goals), ILSR survey, news (help! Coop, meeting at CBD), choose date for mixer to advertise. 26th? = mixer and ribbon cutting at 11am, Mixer 5-7.

Housewarming committee – Deb, Elise (chair), Jan. printed invites. Jan will check

Mayor can come this date.

Clean up office space when I return – decorating party.

Kristen has bookcase, Jan has doormat.

Signage with Elise.

Beer & Bacon.

–while I’m away – Perch (testers Deb/Kristen user, Danielle, backend, all website

usibility ____) – social media

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