How Can You Influence Portland’s Economy in 2014?

To give our members, friends, and concerned consumers a helpful and effective tool for buying locally, we will resume our annual “Shift” Campaign in February. It’s a yearlong, realistic, practical way for consumers to shift their shopping in various categories (finance, home improvement, and health and wellness, as examples) and make an impact on the local economy.

The idea came from the New England Business Forum, recognizing that when consumers commit to shifting just 10% of their spending from chains to locally-owned businesses, their communities reap huge benefits. 2012’s study from the Maine Center for Economic Policy showed that a 10% shift in consumer spending in Cumberland County from national chains to locally-owned businesses would result in an additional $127 million in economic activity, with 874 new jobs generating over $35 million in wages. To read more about this study, click here.

You will notice that, throughout 2014, Portland Buy Local will be focusing on a different area of the local economy each month: you’ll see it on our website, in our newsletter, in our Facebook updates, and other communications. For January, as an overview to the Shift Campaign, we ask you simply to start thinking locally. Where are you buying locally now? Where do you see yourself being able to make some changes? What did you do last year to make a difference?

Stay tuned for more ideas and resources for making your shift to a strong, local economy. Click here to learn more about the national campaign.

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