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The Shift is On!

Here at Portland Buy Local, we have adopted a yearlong “Shift” Campaign to give our members, friends, and concerned consumers a helpful and effective tool for buying locally all twelve months of the year. It’s a practical way for consumers to shift their shopping in various categories (finance, home improvement, and health and wellness, as examples) and make an impact on the local economy.

You will notice that, throughout 2013, Portland Buy Local will be focusing on a different area of the local economy each month. For the month of February, we ask you to shift your banking and personal finances. Where do you see yourself being able to make some changes?

Sure, sure… your February shopping was going to include some flowers, some chocolates, and maybe some jewelry. (Purchasing these items locally is important, too, and we all know Portland has some great spots to shop for Valentine’s Day!) But let’s think outside the box this Valentine’s Day. Why not surprise your honey with a savings account at one of Portland’s credit unions? Now that’s true romance!

Stay tuned for more ideas and resources for making your shift to a strong, local economy. To learn more about the Shift Campaign, click here.
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