February 11th: Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local

February Board Meeting – Minutes

February 11th, 2015


In attendance:  Caitlin Cameron, Will Cary, Danielle Marks, Elise Loschiavo, Deb Tenenbaum, Norman Patry, Josh Dickson, Elliott Teel, Tony Cox, Erin Kiley, Hannah Wolken


Introductions and welcome to new board member prospect, Hannah Wolken.  Board will vote at the conclusion of today’s meeting.


Business Closures:  Black Parrot is moving, possibly due to increased rent.

New Business:  Details on Exchange Street (JL Coombs location), Otherside Delicatessen on Veranda Street

-Caitlin plans to meet with Patrick Roach of Think Tank on Tuesday @ noon.  Roach is receptive to join – membership level depends on employee, not member #’s.


January Meeting Minutes –  Elliott motions to approve January minutes.  Elise seconds motion.  Board voted unanimously in favor.


Ambassador Update: Brett’s vacation dates approved – Brett will miss March board meeting – Deb volunteers to take minutes.

-Password error login for members – Brett will contact Perch to fix.


-February Newsletter – submit content by 2/17, send on 2/19 Membership Renewal deadline, Ad Sale opportunity, National ISLR Survey Results, Book Club next meeting (contact Caitlin next week)



Ad Sales Mailing – sent w/ Membership Hero Card announcement and renewal reminder to all members with renewal date of 6/30/15 or sooner.  Thank you letters to remaining members.

  • Renewal deadline announced to members is 3/14
  • true deadline for inclusion in directory is 3/31.
  • Brett will contact Mary to have digital file of timeline sent to board.   Board is responsible for editing portions of directory.  Will be given a one-week deadline to check content.

Membership Discount Card – open to card design suggestions.

  • Card will be rolled out in April to coincide with member renewals.
  • Brett will call existing discounts to verify and hopefully increase offer.
  • Board members please consider offering discount and reaching out to contacts to recruit new discounts.  Brett will contact IB Food Vendors for discounts.
  • Cost of cards = $70 and w/ UV protection and rounded edges $95.  Estimate from Xpress Copy
  • Cold Calling in February/Early March, recruit letter will be forwarded to Board shortly.  Each board member will be sent 5 new businesses to reach out to.  Board members can request specific sector.

Referral Program – 3 months free membership for each referral.  Add “referred by:” column to application.  Details to come.



  • Forum – tentatively set for early March
  • Book Club – February 24th, date in March to come.
  • February Mixer – Fish & Bone, mixers will always be 5:30-7:30 unless otherwise requested.
  • Think Local @ Peloton in April, Danielle will reach out to Jeff at Peloton.

Other possible location for Mixer – Portland Club

  • Peloton Meeting w/ Norman – 3 month programming test to offer PBL members.  Free coaching sessions, founders round tables.  Roll out with Member Card in April as member discount.


Chains – Meeting scheduled 8am, February 27th @ CBD.  First meeting will dictate direction of referendum effort.  Contact for Chains is Deb and Norman.  Direct all inquiries to Deb. 

  • Brett will ask Allen to reach out to Lauren Wayne of the State Theater.
  • Need financial consult on managing monies for referendum.  Erin has a contact at Verrill Dana (non-profit dept), Josh has contact at Key Bank.  Report back to Norman.


Database – Josh will help streamline membership database with class at SMCC.  Brett and Josh will coordinate project.  Project completion by May 2015.


Membership Criteria – Brett will send Board email regarding eligibility and members in question.  Membership meeting and next board meeting will discuss further.   Brett will contact businesses to determine if they qualify.

Localvore – Must be headquartered and live within 50 miles of Portland.  Waiting on sponsorship proposal – ask Urban Farm Fermentory about Yelp event experience.


PDD Merchant Meeting – Brett no longer able to attend.  Tony, Norman and Caitlin will rotate responsibility.  Brett will coordinate.


New Board Member Vote – Motion by Norman to vote Hannah Wolken onto PBL Board.  Danielle Seconds.  The board votes unanimously in favor. 

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