February 12th, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Danielle Marks, Erin Kiley, Jan Beitzer, Elise Loschiavo, Tony Cox, Brianna Courneya, Mary Marsh, Thalassa Raasch, Elliott Teel, Deb Tenenbaum, Doug Johnson.

Guest: Norman Patrie

Potential new Board member – Norman Patrie introduces himself – Summer Feet Cycling, luxury bike tours catered to an international background. Entrepreneurial background. Introductions…

Minutes edit – Jan moves, Mary seconds, passes.

Treasurer – savings have dwindled in the last few months, hopefully this grant will help out.

Community bank pitch – Danielle, Jan, Danielle – a meeting with Joe. *Amy Irish *Mary Allen

Marketing – call for designers was passed by Sean. Will go live on our website, facebook, craigslist.

– Poll is out, now 44 responses…one more reminder? …finding responses interesting and we value


– Task force (Doug) – good progress, to be presented at next Board meeting

– Next meeting – Wednesday 2/26 – maybe to be rescheduled due to party

– Ribbon Cutting, etc. – Charlie, Mary Allen to speak, etc.

o Ask going on time and temp – to put our slogan up…Ben

o Share invite graphic with Board to pass around

o BUY LOCAL day!! Too late to get okayed at the city level but we can make it unofficial

o Posters will be up, send in pictures for slideshow – the ppl behind the business

o Last items for office – non slip for rug, coffee table,Beer bookcase, plants

o Playlist, local artists, Bri is on this

o Photographer – ask Andre

o Slideshow – deadline is the 21

– Valentine’s Day Local Love guide (by Deb) is out

– Allocate funds for Buy Local facebook promotion – Buy Local cc? check with Joe and Executive

Committee? – action item, motion to direct EC to discuss (Elise), seconded (Jan)

– Mixers – March CBD, April Skillfull

Membership – member renewal mailing is out. In two weeks we’ll do an email invoice again, at March


we’ll start making phone calls

– Heather sold all of prime ad space, ad rate sheets were in mailings.

– We’ve been working on revamping the member categories with the idea that less is more

o Jan moves to accept new categories of memnership for the directory, doug seconds,


– List of potential sustaining members – please volunteer to urge them to update

– Individual member list to promote this.

– Inquire about additional cost of adding a contact name field to be published on the website

Other Business

Beer and Bacon – what is restaurant stipend? (Tony)

– How actually is the work going to shake out? This is still not clear. (Deb)

– Deb, Tony, Doug, Mary are nervous nellies.

– Danielle, Jan, Elise – $ could make this worth it

– Mary would like to speak with some of his partners

– Deb – check in with Sean and Maine Brewers Guild

– What are the actual stipends?

– Erin – smooth it a bit more.

– Doug – does this further our mission? Deb agrees – not local, brewers would come up from


– Let’s talk to Kristen for final approval. Erin – there is room to set parameters of what we feel

comfortable with – local businesses only, etc.

o Call Maine Brewers

o Someone else who has done event with him before

– Should we do this ourselves or pay for his experience?


– Renew today!! (refer others list)

– Our housewarming party

– new rolling membership (buck slip text)

– call for pictures of members in their space (call for action)

– reminder about PDD meeting

– Shift

– Are you in the doghouse? Make up for lost time…

– We are always looking for new Board members – are you interested in joining? Also list

committees to gauge interest.

– news

Thank you sustaining members!

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