Ethan Strimling

Ethan Strimling

1. Tell us about the last 3 purchases you made at locally owned, independent businesses.

Haircut at “Tonic.” Apple Cider at the Farmer’s Market “Clincher Cards” at Bayside Printing

2. What do you think are the most important resources or programs available to independent businesses in Portland?

I actually think City Hall does not have enough programs targeted at retaining and growing local businesses. It seems like we spend more time trying to land “the big one” than we do helping local business grow and expand.

3. Are there any policies or initiatives you think the city should adopt to better support local businesses?

Local businesses should be given bonus points in RFP’s. We should look into John Eder’s idea to reduce health care costs through a local exchange for small businesses in Portland. We need to do a better job keeping downtown clean and safe.

4. Do you think the city should move its bank accounts out of large national banks and into locally owned financial institutions?

If it is cost effective, absolutely.

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