December 11, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local Board Meeting Minutes 12/11/2013


Will Cary, Tony Cox, Doug Johnson, Kristen Smith, Joe Gervais, Jan Beitzer, Allen Baldwin, Elliott Teel, Brianna McCabe, Mary Marsh, Thalassa Raasch, Elise Loschiavo, Deb Tenenbaum, Erin Kiley.

Minutes review – November minutes pass

  • Motion to approve (Tony), seconded (Jan), passes

Banking – We are at the middle of the fiscal year.

  • Total income was $8,000 for the first half of the fiscal year, expenses were $20,000. This is okay – we are not at a big money making time of year – (Indie Biz is real revenue this quarter.) We will start to see revenue rebound during the renewal period of the year.
  • Some changes –
    • web project is now $3700 (v. thee budgeted $3000)
    • New rent will be $450 (v $200)
    • So let’s reforecast budget for year…
      • We would be $14,000 in the negative. (aka we would start the year at $50,000 but end around $36,000.)
      • Marketing expenses for December – MPBN radio spot will be $1,700 but others have already been paid.
      • Kristen will check that Heather is compensated for Joe’s “Buy Local” revenue.
      • New expenses of new space will be great growth (Kristen). This means that our member drive will have to be energetic, etc. Now is a good time to make these investments.
      • Let’s start a Fundraising Committee to pursue grant proposals and fiscal partnerships – Will, Erin, Kristen will make up the core of this group. Eventually there will be increased dues.
        • Motion to approve revised budget (Will), seconded (Allen), passes. Great layout, Joe!

Marketing Committee – posters have been well distributed!

  • Bollard has three smaller ads and some copy with top ten reasons.
  • MPBN ad is out.
  • Deb is putting together a holiday gift guide for website, social media, and to be shared with Maine Today. We will be able to add folks to the story!
  • Let’s make sure to be on Maine Calling in the future.
  • Great feedback during deliveries – folks love posters.
  • Reach out to The Westin for putting directories out. Can Jan hook us up?

Membership Committee –

  • Thalassa and Will met with Perch…
    • It will take longer than we realized. Beta will be up early January to be tested and shown to Thalassa for test and tutorial.
    • Letter will go out in January – we’ll be more effective, catch member attention post-holidays and time it better with website fix.
    • Any tweaks you’d like to add to the website? Send to Thalassa.
    • Rate increase – we will wait a year.
    • New member recruitment – postcards, PDD list, we’ll brainstorm in January. List of potential sustaining members.

Buoy Local – They are getting great buzz and are very eager to partner with us. This is also about a broader question of how to approach the many businesses, organizations, etc. that approach us.


CONCLUSION: Share feedback but their proposed values aren’t that great for us as a small non-profit. Maybe response should be a sit-down rather than email. Doug moves that we discuss member opportunities but do not pass proposal, friendly and supportive conversation. Second – Elise. Kristen and Elliott will meet them. Let’s circulate logo usage policy again. Do we want to draw a clear line so that there is no lingering confusion in the market… Motion is passed.

Newsletter – logo usage (help promote BL), updates, holiday – plaid recap, gift guide, charitable giving shift (non-profit members), news, new space – tax deductible furniture donation

Space update – last day at PDD is 12/15 – some moving after this meeting. Friday we will do some moving too – needs for new space, Tony will let us use van. Eventually a housewarming to get press, council members, etc. out! Wait to see organic furniture donations. See Erin for whatever is missing. February open house. Press release on finding our new home.

Beer and Bacon –

Action Items –

Kristen – check with Heather about Joe Bornstein’s “Buy Local” ad trade reimbursement (this is their ad space for the 2014-15 directory)

Thalassa – newsletter

–send AMIBA pdf about bank partnerships to Fundraising Committee

Jan—look into having directories at the Westin

Kristen + Elliott – meet with Buoy Local

Upcoming dates:

Marketing Committee Meeting at Crema, 8:30am November 18th

Mixer is on November 19th 5:30pm-7:30

Happy Holidays!

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