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Portland Buy Local is excited to announce that we are launching a search for talented local graphic designers, group facilitators, and web designers to help us re-brand for 2020.

Portland Buy Local has been a strong advocate for our community’s local, independent business community since we were founded in 2006. Since then, the economy has changed (and changed again), the retail environment has been upended by corporate consolidation, and our city has seen rapid changes. In order to stay relevant in the face of these big changes, Portland Buy Local is seeking to re-brand and re-envision itself for 2020.

For PBL to effectively make this change, we need to reconsider our brand, our website, and what our members expect from us. We want to make sure we’re growing in a way that’s consistent with the needs in our community. We are looking for help in these processes to make sure we’re getting representative feedback and moving in the right direction.

We are launching this big project in three phases, each with its own RFP.

Phase One will be the collection of community and stakeholder feedbackClick here to view the RFP for this phase.

Phase Two will distill the information collected from Phase One into a new brand for Portland Buy Local, including a new logo and marketing materials for the community, and for our hundreds of business members. Click here to view the RFP for this phase.

Phase Three will be the launch of a new website! Our website is nearly a decade old, and a new website will help foster connections between local businesses, and give consumers an easier way to find local businesses. We will release the RFP for this phase later this winter, after we collect feedback from the first phase of the project.

You can help Buy Local’s effort to support our local business community by becoming a member (any person can join as an individual member), and by spreading the word about this exciting project!


FAQ on RFPs:

More information on budget:

We are a lean (probably leaner than you expect) 501c6 non-profit. This is not a traditional RFP where we are mandated to take the lowest submitted budget proposal. We expect to get a range of submissions and that the budget may fluctuate a little bit following discussions with the facilitators and designers. It may be helpful to know that our organization’s annual budget for the past few years has been in the $60,000-$70,000 range.

More information on messaging:

An additional helpful note is that we are not alone in undergoing this process – other organizations like ours across the country are also looking to update their messaging and move into the next phase of the local economy movement. We’re in regular touch with many of these organizations, and our Board has already had retreats focused on updating our messaging — both of these additional sources can begin to inform the updated messaging.

As a business organization, one of our core audiences is our membership (and other businesses who qualify to be members) — locally owned, independent businesses. We also have a large audience of community members, with a key goal being to connect those who live in, work in, and visit Portland to the hundreds of local, independent businesses that make our city so unique and wonderful! We also seek to tell the story of why local businesses are so important. We’ve done this part well for over a decade, and are now increasing our advocacy efforts to ensure that policy reflects the value our community places on these local businesses.

More information on marketing materials and templates:

The RFP mentions these items for the rebrand, but is intentionally vague about exactly what items we will need. We know we will be creating a new rack card for potential business members, and we would like to create a marketing template to share with our members to spread the buy local message. We have the capability to build further templates in-house if a style guide gives recommended direction. We do not currently use a style guide.

More information on swag:

Similarly, the mention of swag in the RFP is intentionally a little bit vague, and we expect the exact items we want will be decided upon with our staff, Board, and the hired design team. We used to do t-shirts and tote bags on a somewhat regular basis. We also produce posters twice annually, but we expect that to continue to be on a contract basis (design firm may be hired to do the poster design in the future if both parties desire). We may be able to source and produce swag by working with other local businesses in Portland.

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