Payment Security

Worried about payment security?

Recently, we switched the way our payments are processed to create a better experience for our users. However, some users have expressed concerned about the security of their information on our new payment system. We want to assure you that your transactions are completely secure and are served over two way encryption using the secure socket layers (SSL) cryptographic technique.

For the more technically inclined, concern about our payment system was caused by the loading of an “unsecure” element on our payment page. While customer information was always secure and never compromised, up until recently our payment page loaded a script that controls our web fonts through the standard http protocol, rather than the https protocol. This caused browsers to warn users that there were “unsecure” elements on the page. Again, while this was true, the only “unsecure” element on the page was our custom fonts and, as of today, these too are loaded securely over SSL.

I hope that clears up any concern. Your trust is important to us and we apologize for the trouble. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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