September 14, 2011

Buy Local Board Meeting

September 14, 2011


In attendance: Elliot, Stacy, Danielle, Susan, Jan, Mary, Chris, Bill, Nancy, Kristen, and Brianna.


Motion to accept last meetings minutes. All in favor, no changes.


Board elections:

  • Stuart and Joan are up for re-election.  Last period they can stay on the board.
  • Vote; all in favor.  Joan and Stuart approved to stay on the board



  • Many of the Americorp positions were already filled.
  • AMIBA will see if they can assist as an administrator.



  • Feedback on survey was very positive.
  • Stacy to add a box to mark whether locally owned; touch base with Stuart for feedback.


Indie Biz Awards:

  • Web traffic is up.
  • Danielle to remind 3c32 about the categories and ask about adding opt-ins for email.
  • Elliot has a machine for credit cards that will feed into the PBL account.  Bill will look into setting up for payment.
  • Joe and Kristen to bring iPads for the credit card payments.
  • Ann Tracy donating the door prize.
  • Kenya Hall is the band for the awards



  • Keep it in the Loop poster distributed this week.
  • Working on Phoenix and holiday ads.


Downtown Worker Appreciation Day:

  • Tomorrow.
  • Enough food and adequate staffing for tables.



  • Conducting a mailing of local businesses.  New offer: Join now and you are a member until 2013.


  • Next meeting, 8 a.m., Tuesday, September 20, Portland Public Market


Other business:

  • New England Grassroots and the Environment Fund invited PBL to participate in a conference panel in New Bedford, Mass. on Saturday, October 22.  Banners by the Bay event
  • Jan would like 10 minutes at the next Board meeting to talk about the Civic Center.
  • Clean Air Cool Planet:  Report looking at how the community can reduce greenhouse gases.  May be incorporated into the report.
  • Mayoral candidates: Develop questionnaire.  Compile 5 questions; do soon so that we can hand out at the Indie Biz awards.

Potential questions:

  • –       How would you integrate buy local into the city purchasing process?
  • –       What were your last five purchases?
  • –       What resources does the city offer to small businesses and what will you do to make people aware?  What would you add?
  • –       What is Portland missing?



Minutes recorded by D. Marks

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