September 10th, 2014, Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local

September Board Meeting – Minutes


In attendance:  Deb Tenenbaum, Elise Loschiavo, Mary Marsh, Doug Johnson, Norman Patry, Erin Kiley, Allen Baldwin, Tony Cox, Elliot Teel, Caitlin Cameron, Josh Dickson

Introductions – Welcome new board candidates Caitlin Cameron (urban planner, City of Portland) and Josh Dickson (owner of People’s Geek).   Voting will take place at the end of the meeting.

Board Meeting Parking – CBD asks that we park in Rising Tide’s lot across the street.

August meeting minutes

–          Edit 2014/2015 budget “this would mean”

–          clarify individual membership stays the same, non-profit goes to $35

Tony motions to approve August minutes. Mary seconded.  Board voted unanimously in favor.

Indie Biz – New This Year

Added category – Portland Beacon Award

  • Individual entrepreneurship award – Taking nominations from the public, voted/awarded by the board.

B-roll for nominated businesses. 30 seconds each, approximately 50 businesses w/ some overlap. Potential to increase attendance and raise profile for event and organization.


  • Goal $4000 for sponsorship, @ 3250 presently
  • Added new sponsorship level – @ $750 business sponsors specific award
    •  Business sponsor is not on the award itself
    • Concern that business could win category they are sponsoring
      • Business will switch Award Sponsors if it presents an issue
  • Invoices will go out by the end of the week – Norman has list of sponsors

Stand and Repeat Wall

  • Erin suggested Scarborough’s Bayview Signworks or Design Tags – Brett will contact for quote.
  • Proposal for stand and repeat projector.

Port City location – no room fee but labor cost is still $800, more expensive, location to consider for next year.

Food Vendors –

  • too heavy on dessert last year, need more savory items; need gluten free options.
  • Provide tables for vendors and access to power outlet.  We need commitment from Vendors regarding type of food item(savory or sweet), quantity, and table needs.

Auction Items –

  • Allen will make Google Doc for auction item solicitation
    • Board members sign-up, stick to local vendors, report back to Allen or Brett with donation specifics.
    • Projected to raise $500 from silent auction and $1200 from live auction
      • Silent in the past has made less profit.  Improve silent auction with central showcase location
      • Approaching non-members for auction items is discouraged.  Proposal to keep auction items from local vendors at this time.  Further auction needs will be addressed at October meeting and silent auction may open up to non-member donations.
      • Careful of bundling items
      • Elise will follow up with nominees for donations

Awards – Budget $50 for 1 design.  Design needs to be sent to Tony for framing by the 14th, PDF format is fine.


  • Proposed co-host MC
  • Erin will contact Sean Mencher for Band, ($500 budget for 2 hrs, 5:30-7:30pm)

Intern update – Brett will create job description (Accountable), Tony will approve (Responsible).  Brett will send job announcement to USM intern program (business department) & SMCC (Josh).

Downtown Worker Appreciation Day – Volunteers needed.  5-7 volunteers per location.  Board will be notified with needs after Brett coordinates with PDD.

Proposal to go to one event a year, in the spring, add a waterfront location, offer better gift bags, split cost of event 50/50 instead of alternating event responsibility.  Annual budget costs would decrease, potential for bigger and better event.  Allen made a motion to accept DWAD proposal.  Erin seconds.  The board voted unanimously in favor.

Marketing – Needs new committee members.  If interested in joining, please contact Elliot. 

Shift campaign starts up again this month.

Website needs some editing and tweaking to make content more visible.  Robert wants to use google analytics to improve site navigation.

Neighborhood Association Outreach – Mary met with Rosemont neighborhood.  PBL will participate in Harvest in the Hood. Caitlin offers to take over neighborhood task force.

Book club update.  Stacy rescheduled for October 21st, @ 7pm.  Open to board members to attend.  Future book club meetings, third Tuesday of the month, space for 10-12; Erin recommends The Town that Food Saved.

September newsletter

Contact Brett or Deb with content for the newsletter.  September newsletter includes:

  • Call for auction items.
  • Call for member discounts w/ some current discounts featured

Elise suggests action item on email subject line instead of Lowdown to increase readership urgency

Mixers & future partnerships  

Next Mixer Casco Bay Frames September 24th @ 6pm

Future mixer with Creative Portland and 2 degrees, like minded organizations w/ large mixer turnout.  Find date for collaboration night.  Contact Deb to be involved in planning future event.  Table at 2 degrees north meeting @ CBD


Continued website/membership repair with Perch

Membership cards proposal – encourage individual membership with member discounts.  This will require recruiting new business discounts and making discounts more visible.  Elise motions to approve membership card proposal.  Allen seconds. The board votes unanimously in favor.

Bangor Savings – proposal to market discounted credit card processing fees to our members.  Potentially valuable to develop relationship with bank for community grants.  Need more information regarding terms of discount.  Bangor savings is not a member, but is proposing discount for our members.  Erin & Norman will start conversation with no commitment, board will vote on final decision. Good resources

Erin suggests Fundraising Committee that can develop strategy and contact other community banks/organizations for future funding and sponsorship.

Chains Discussion

Portland Food Map, anesthes invited to join in Chains discussion on September 25th at 11 am.  Advisory committee will report on October 8th with next step.  Possible recommendations for retailers include speaking with Stacy Mitchell and sending out City of Portland ordinance rules to members.

New Board Members Vote

Motion by Deb to vote Caitlin Cameron onto PBL Board.  Norman seconds.  The board votes unanimously in favor.

Motion by Norman to vote Josh Dickson onto PBL Board.  Deb seconds.  The board votes unanimously in favor.

Ongoing Board Recruitment

  • Heather Sanborn was approached, declined to join but recommended Stasia Brewczynski (Rising Tide)
  • Erin will reach out to Shannon Bryan and Stasia
  • Will will contact Jay from Angela Adams,
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