November 12th, Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local
November Board Meeting – Minutes

In attendance: Tony Cox, Allen Baldwin, Josh Dickson, Elise Loschiavo, Norman Patry, Mary Marsh, Erin Kiley, Deb Tenenbaum, Elliott Teel, Will Carey, Doug Johnson, Caitlin Cameron

October meeting minutes – Will motions to approve October minutes. Allen seconded. Board voted unanimously in favor.

Ambassador Update – New Ambassador Office Hours – Mondays 8-12, Fridays 12-4 Upcoming Events:
Portland Food Co-op Opening
Plaid Friday Nov. 28th
Merry Madness Dec. 11th – Table @ tent
East End Holiday Stroll Dec. 13th
November Newsletter
add book club 3rd Tuesday of the Month, The Town that Food Saved,
add social media campaign

Indie Biz Awards
Sales tax not collected. Norman will follow up to see amount owed.

Most revenue from sponsorships – Mary Allen in charge of sponsorships
Door – charge for non-members only; have donation jar at door.
Alcohol sales not calculated in budget

Space is small, limited marketing resources, alcohol sales issue
Portcity possible venue change, raises profile of event, more space, alcohol?
Allen to contact Lauren @ Portcity to inquire about cost, alcohol, dates

Categories, Nominations, Voting
repeat winners, stuffing votes
-category overhaul
-control nominations by omitting repeats
-1 vote per day or per IP address (plug-in technology)
-Voters guide platform on website w/ linked websites of nominees

Posters out earlier, hire out designer for invite & poster
More PR prior to event, pay for nominees press release?
Maine 207, MPBN, bus shelter ad space
Send out placards to nominees w/ storefronts
Build Event Calender on website to promote event

Auction winner repeats – gear prizes to lower price points

1st planning meeting in June or July
calendar/timeline of tasks & pr
check out logistics w/ accordion folder detailed
Name tags for nominees and board members

Quarterly Budget Report – Approximately 4 months worth of data
Membership numbers are down – 422 current members
most renewals expected Jan-April
Expenses are on target – except Perch bill

Membership Committee – Committee update –Erin Kiley is replacing Mary as co-chair. Meets Wednesday 8am week after Board meeting
March renewal letters to go out in December
-Newsletter to be mailed w/ renewal letter
December membership recruitment to be discussed at next board meeting
-target restaurants
-membership spreadsheet for board to sign up – Brett w/ committee
Member benefit card to be introduced in 2015
Bring new businesses to attention of Board as well as new closures
-Maine Pie Line closing, Salt Exchange closed
Overhaul of welcome packet – Brett will start work on making current

Office Space – Move space to decrease rent. Same building, but slightly smaller space. Things to consider…meeting space, intern, need to save $

Holiday design should be done this week
Shift campaign resumed
Holiday Gift Guide – live on website
Social Media Campaign – funded by Marketing budget
needs Holiday design
#happylocalshopper for poster, ads, placards
Placards for businesses, print 50 ($.40 per placard)
Gift cards = $175
Google Analytics – most traffic from Facebook events. Check Myemma analytics to see if Newsletter feeds website use. Maine regional users, not just Portland.
Intern project to assign tags to member businesses

December Mixer – rescheduled for the new year due to Holiday event conflicts. Brett will contact Danielle.

Networking event – Karen Burnell of Karma Fair Trade’s proposal to create networking event w/ active referrals for Buy Local businesses. Elise will follow up with Tony and Karen to discuss implementation.

New Board Member Potentials
Shannon Bryan – Maine Today – conflict of interest
Anestes – Portland Food Map – approach in January
Emma Scholtz – Angela Adams – new to position
Celine Free – Allagash – potential suggestion
Jesse Baines – Sebago Brewing – Elise will contact
Alex Steid – BDN – Tony will contact
Wells Lyons – Owner of Rogue Industries
Stephan Apse – Portland Food Co-op
Hannah Wilken – Unum, MDEC

Agenda topic for Dec.
-Advocacy role in midtown development
-community meeting November 18th, Erin will be in attendance

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