September 20, 2006

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Portland City Hall, Room 209

Board Members in attendance: Carole Ansheles, Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Karl Ronhave, Anne Samson, Oren Stevens, Sara Struever, Susan Tran

Advisory Board Members in attendance: Allison Ayan, Nelle Hanig, Judy Halpert

Bill opens the meeting and offers the floor to Sara for the Structure & Finance Committee report. Sara updates the Board on the Committee’s progress with the Articles of Incorporation and DBA paperwork. More legal counsel is required before the Articles can be reviewed by Board, therefore the topic is tabled until the October 4, 2006 meeting.

Sara suggests that a full-board strategic planning meeting is an important next step. All in attendance agree that organization’s goals and objectives need to be addressed. The board agrees to look at possible strategic planning dates at the end of today’s meeting.

Sara next reviews the eligibility criteria formulated by the Structure & Finance Committee (see attached). A lengthy discussion ensues regarding two specific points:

The participation business owner’s city of residence Stuart suggests that the language regarding where a business owner lives should either be broadened or more restricted. He feels, and others agree, that the 50 mile radius distinction seems arbitrary. Nelle suggests the Board consider using the Portland Metropolitan Statistical Area (a commuter-based designation developed by the federal government). More discussion. Bill suggests that we address this issue not by where the owner lives, but rather by where the business is headquartered.

Business Headquarters Bill explains that if a business is headquartered in Portland, its owner is automatically invested in Portland regardless of where the s/he resides. More discussion.

It is noted that the discussion is running 25 minutes over the time allotted in the agenda.

Carole motions to pass the language as originally recommended by the Structure & Finance Committee. Susan seconds the motion. The Board votes and the motion is passed. Nine in favor; two opposed.

Bill gives the floor to Chris for the Marketing Committee report.

T-Shirts: Chris and Nancy update the group on the new t-shirts: black, American Apparel, with a slightly new design. Regular t-shirts and girlie tees will be made available for pre-order. Based on an order of 288, State of Mind Design quoted the regular t-shirts at $8.75 each and the girlie tees at $9.00 each. The Committee suggests we make the shirts available to retailers for $11 each with a suggested retail price of $12.99/$13.00.

Stuart suggests that the retail mark-up be increased to $15. He reasons, and others agree, that retailers need to capitalize on the holiday season as much as possible. If they were to sell our shirts at $12.99, shoppers might be inclined choose to purchase a Buy Local t-shirt (based on price) over another product that might earn the retailer a better mark-up. Bill suggests that it’s ultimately more important to our mission to have as many Buy Local logos circulating in the Portland community as possible. He would prefer to accept the Marketing Committee’s suggestion. Susan points out that we cannot legally hold any retailer to a “suggested retail price;” there may be some retailers who choose to go with a higher mark-up regardless of our wishes.

Carole motions to move forward with the Committee’s recommendation. Sara seconds. The Board votes unanimously in favor.

Nancy will initiate the order-taking and draft an e-mail (to be sent from the address) to participating businesses. The deadline for pre-orders will be October 12, 2006.

Bumper Stickers: The Marketing Committee received two quotes for bumper stickers. In both cases, the local printer will need to “farm-out” the work to a larger company. The price per sticker ranges from $.14 to $.16 depending on the quantity. The group agrees that the stickers are an important marketing tool for our campaign and would best serve our needs in a large quantity, such as 10,000.

Susan inquires whether the organization has $1,400 available for the sticker order. Carole updates us on our current finances, and we determine that we do have the required funds-available. A compromise is suggested in which the group agrees to order 6,000 stickers at a total cost of $960. Nancy will also include pre-order information for stickers in her e-mail to participants regarding the t-shirt pre-order.

Packet Re-supply: Nancy has all materials available at Portmanteau. The re-supply packets will include two posters, 35 thank you cards, and one window decal. Board and Committee members who have signed up to deliver re-supply packets to participating businesses should pick up materials as soon as possible. A re- supply deadline is set for October 4, 2006. Assignment list is attached for reference.

November 18th Event: The new Public Market House is an option but presents a few obstacles. It is still operating under temporary licensing and has not been approved for assembly by the Fire Department. Also, the capacity is limited to 50 people. Stuart and others raise concern about the venue’s limitations. It is suggested that the Marketing Committee will scout alternative locations for the event, and Longfellow Books will be in place as our fallback location for the event.

The meeting is adjourned quickly because it is after 10am, and there are others in need of our meeting space.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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