September 17, 2008

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Judy Halpert, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Sally Struever, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Jan Beitzer, Elise Loschiavo

Bill opens the meeting.

The Board reviews and approves the minutes from the August 20th

Marketing Committee

Chris updates the Board on the upcoming bumper sticker order. State of Mind’s estimate came in
$0.01 less per sticker than LT’s so we will place the order with State of Mind. Chris makes a
motion to purchase 6,000 bumper stickers at $0.19 each from State of Mind. Susan seconds. All

Nathan Eldridge is in the process of photographing the next three poster candidates: Jet Video,
Old Port Pharmacy, and Maine Hardware.

Nancy updates the Board on t-shirt orders received to date. She plans to place the order with We
Hate T-Shirts when she returns from the Common Ground Fair next week. The Board discusses
the back of the t-shirt. The Board agrees to use a reduced version of the front of the black t-shirt,
centered just below the neck line. The t-shirts should be in prior to Downtown Worker Appreciation

Elise updates the Board on Downtown Worker Appreciation Day which will be held on Wednesday,
October 22nd (rain date is October 23rd). Tables will be set up in three locations: Monument
Square, Portland Museum of Art, and Lobsterman’s Park. The planning committee is seeking
donations of food, coffee, and goods/certificates for giveaways. Buy Local members and PDD
members will receive an e-mail this week requesting volunteer help. A follow-up e-mail will go out
the last week of October to request goods and coupons. The Portland Downtown District has
offered $250 for the event. The subcommittee is requesting an additional $250 from PIBCA. The
board approves the expenditure unanimously.

Board Elections

Directors up for renewal in 2008 include Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Stacy
Mitchell, and Susan Tran. All of the aforementioned agree to accept nominations for re-election.

All are unanimously approved to serve another two years on the Board. Sally Struever will officially
resign from the Board with this meeting. Stacy makes a motion to elect Mary Allen Lindemann to
the Advisory Board. Chris seconds her motion. All approve.

Sally mentions that Brianna McCabe from the Maine Women’s Fund may be interested in Board
service. Susan will follow-up with Brianna before the next Board meeting. Stuart reminds the
Board that Planet Dog is very interested in having an employee representative on our Board. The
most likely candidate is Kristen Smith, director of the Planet Dog Foundation. Jan offers to followup
with Planet Dog. Stacy mentions that Tyler Briggs (Corduroy) is a new member of the
Marketing Committee and may be interested in joining the Board at some point in the future.

The following Board members are nominated for officer positions:
Secretary – John Rooks
Treasurer – Bill Duggan
Vice President – Stacy Mitchell
President – Susan Tran
All are unanimously approved.

The PDD offers to send out a press release if the Marketing Committee can provide the text.

Presently, there are no candidates to replace Sally as the chair of the Membership Committee nor
is there anyone able to commit to a co-chair role. Sally explains the tasks associated with the
position: renewal campaign strategy and implementation, prospecting, database management,
annual meeting planning, Executive Committee, leading a monthly committee meeting. Current
Membership Committee members include Ann Sampson, Jen Burall, Joe Walsh, Joan Leitzer, and
Stuart Gersen. Stacy wonders about removing the administrative tasks from the job description.
Jan offers to serve as a co-chair if there is someone who could work with her. Sally is willing to
continue helping in the interim, but she cannot attend any meetings. Chris suggests putting out a
call to members. Sally suggests the call to members include a Volunteer Coordinator, Database
Manager, and possibly a Workshop Coordinator in addition to the Membership Committee Chair.
Stacy suggests a more general call to action with an eye towards building the overall Board. All

Membership Committee

Sally reviews the current membership report. We now have 206 active FY09 members and
$10,000 in membership income. She reports that Sebago Brewing is our newest Sustaining

Bill leads a discussion of making the member database more accessible. Sally has found a place
on line that will host the File-Maker Pro database at a rate of $40 per month. Sally recommends a
combination of the on-line hosting with the purchase of File-Maker for the Membership Committee
chair. The Board agrees and unanimously approves the expenditure.

Printed Directories – Bill suggests the Board use Carole’s neighborhood list to restock directories
at member businesses. The directories will also be distributed at Downtown Worker Appreciation
Day. Susan will e-mail the membership to let them know that directories are also available at the
PDD office.

Finance Committee

Stacy reports that she has sent in grant requests to the Maine Community Foundation ($5,000)
and the New England Grassroots Fund ($2,500).

Executive Committee

Bill reports that the Executive Committee is seeking a venue for the annual meeting with an eye
towards an off-peninsula location. He currently has a call in to the Café at Pat’s. Sally suggests
contacting Caravan Beads as well. Susan will contact Caravan once Bill has heard from Pat’s.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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