September 11, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting – 9/11

Present: Will Cary, Elliott Teel, Deb Tenenbaum, Erin Kiley, Joe Gervais, Danielle Marks, Thalassa Raasch, Jan Beitzer, Doug Johnson, Tony Cox, Brianna Courneya, Kristen Smith, Elise Loschiavo

Erin Kiley’s introduction

August minutes:send action items sooner

Finances: August income $140.80 / Expenses $1696.57

  • What to do with our savings?

–        8-month certificate at .35% might be best available for short-term CD, then a conversion to long term checking

–        Joe’s suggestion –put $25,000 into preferred money market

  • Doug motions, Tony seconds, Joe’s idea passes

Marketing Committee Update:

  • Poll to members for activities
  • New talking points – unique, community development, socially sustainable
  • One sheet info graphic for DWAD gift bags
  • Committee split – member benefits (Deb), public outreach and education (Elliott)
  • Michelle Smith has resigned from the Board
  • Deb is new co-chair

Elise Loschiavo’s introduction

Membership Committee Update:

  • Will is new co-chair
  • Elise is looking at member benefits – to collaborate with Marketing
  • Brent Wilson is individual member – revamp member discounts
  • Cocktail hour at museum to thank sustaining members
  • Next month we’ll have a presentation and vote on rolling membership

–        concerns about attrition and renewals, only incentive to renew is inclusion in directory, and how to break up membership push

–        Over time folks will value online inclusion in the directory rather than the print directory

–        Time rolling and dues increase at the same time – maybe a few free months as a bonus

Marketing, continued…


  • October 3 – we’ll need volunteers for stuffing bags and manning tables the day-of

–        An idea…to have something in the bag, come contribute a few hoursof stuffing

–        highschooler Key Club volunteers


  • Portland’s Greener Cleaner, 115 Fox Street 9/25 (with a foodtruck!)
  • 10/7 at reVisionheat

Indie Biz Awards:

  • $3000 sponsorship so far
  • Council members and mayor have been invited


  • IB nominations
  • Member news and anniversaries
  • Shift
  • DWAD
  • Marketing poll

Vision Statement:

  • Revisit PIBCA name and confusion
    • Motion to accept Will, seconded Bri, Vision Statement is approved

Kristen’s Letter:

  • Some edits
    • Tony motions to approve, Danielle seconds, approval of Kristen’s letter passes

Board Bio Page:

  • Get these to Thalassa by 10/1

–        To make these more fun see MaineToday“Five Questions,” also see Propel.

Other Business:

  • Poll council candidates on their stance to Buy Local – time with November election
  • Vote to elect Jan, Erin, Elise to Board – unanimously approved
  • Board recruitment is responsibility and to be overseen by Executive Committee
  • CBD senior staff will join the Board on Jan. 1
  • Possible to make a deal with a bigger business to provide Buy Local street office space

Thank you sustaining members!

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