October 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Buy Local Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2013


In attendance: Tony Cox, Kristen Smith, Deb Tennebaum, Will Carey, Jan Beitzer, Elliott Teel, Joe Gervais, Mary Marsh, Danielle Marks, Allen Baldwin and Brianna Courneya.


Meeting commenced: 8:30am at PDD.



  • Moved $20,000 from our checking account to a CD.

  • $22,000 currently in our checking.

  • Paypal account is now closed.

  • Gorham Savings Bank account now closed.



  • New committee member, Sara, who does book keeping. She is a member – Quick Books

  • Committee is interested in a small book club, in depth reading of a book, start with Big Box Swindle, Doug and Sara moving forward with it.

  • Doug suggested splitting up the committees into two different sections but committee worried about numbers. Deb suggested she be in charge of one area and Elliott in charge of other area.

  • Hand out survey at Indie Biz awards in regards to the book club.

  • Danielle had idea of poster paper up at the Indie Biz awards and people can write down ideas.

  • Tony and Deb were on Time Warner speaking about Buy Local. Allen will pull video so that we can post it on the website and keep it for our archives.


Indie Biz and Member Mixers

  • Last member mixer at ReVision Heat had 12-15 people

  • Wildwood Medicine is next mixer on November 14

  • Last day of voting for Indie Biz is today

  • Winners will go to the designer tomorrow

  • Call all nominees to invite them to come and also let the winners know that they won (in secret)

  • Danielle will need help with phone calls to nominees and winners

  • Indie Biz next meeting next Tuesday at 5:30pm at PDD

  • Erin booked a band for the event

  • Rachel will be the emcee

  • Thalassa meeting with Danielle to talk about the meeting

  • $3200 or $3500 for sponsorship

  • Photographer: Kristen will ask someone, Jan could ask Nancy’s boyfriend, Mitch

  • Kristen recommends we get a thank you gift for Thalassa for working so hard. A massage from a member and a bouquet of flowers.


Holiday Bonus

  • Will suggests a holiday bonus for December 1 for Thalassa. We gave Emily a bonus last holiday season for $500. Will motioned a $500 bonus for Thalassa, Danielle seconded, all in favor. Will have to run through payroll.


Membership Committee

  • Committee recommends going to a rolling member after weighing pros and cons

  • Thalassa wrote up a document that outlines her work with rolling membership and they workload is not much bigger that what she does now

  • Elise developed member benefits which Kristen sent out in the letter to members

  • Membership dues: committee recommends not raising for a year, want to put rolling members into action, show benefits of this new system and then raise dues after.

  • Directory: Heather looked into printing a second directory. Over time the printed directory will not be the driving factor for joining but it will always be an important factor. So few members join after June that it doesn’t make sense to create a new directory or addendum for those members.

  • Mobile directory: talked to Perch about this and we can do a mobile version of the website or an actual app. Committee recommends doing a mobile website and that is an excellent member benefit.

  • Budgeted $3000 for mobile app

  • Monthly renewal process: member gets email two months before member expiration, a letter, a few more follow up emails and then lastly a phone call from a board member.

  • No real downside to rolling membership on terms of costs and labor, great enthusiasm from membership committee to move into rolling membership.

  • Allen: one possible downside is that annual membership push, everyone is on board. Rolling will put more pressure on board members individually to get work done.

  • Will suggests doing an outreach soon to ask people if they want to renew now and membership will be good for 12 months.

  • Challenge will be first year – transitioning to new system and explaining to members.

  • Jan: would like to see education more included in member benefits. Change language around lobbying to “advocacy”. Take out visitors center in Deering Oaks, no longer there.

  • Deb asked if we had or wanted to look into other companies to do apps. Get estimate.

  • Members after May 1 will be included in the next year’s directory even if they do not renew the next year, everyone is entitled to one entry into a directory.

  • Thalassa will take care of getting materials out to members and committee will come up with language and crafting the letters and emails.

  • Vote: Proposal to accept transition to rolling membership by Joe, seconded by Jan and all in favor.

  • Kristen suggests having a member meeting to talk about new rolling membership, develop a fact sheet.

  • Committee wants to get a letter out to members in November about rolling membership


Buoy Local and Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • $395 membership to CVB (which does not include jetport).

  • Directories will be handed out at Jetport, train station and Ocean Gateway, exposure in their book under associations and exposure on their website.

  • We have approximately 8000 directories now.

  • At Ocean Gateway we could have a recycle bin where people could return our directories

  • Join now and our membership would be good until Jnauary 2015.

  • Jan: do all but the jetport this year (as that is an additional $100) because we only have 8500 directories and need 10,000 directories for the CVB.

  • Marketing can afford this membership if we cut back on holiday marketing.

  • Tony motions to accept the $395 membership, Allen seconds and all in favor.

  • Kristen: will buy membership.

  • Buoy Local: wants a formal endorsement from us in the form of a letter and something on our website and they want the ability to use our logo on their materials. They would also like us to send an email to our members encouraging them to use Buoy Local. Want an icon on our website and on members directory listing indicating

  • In exchange our members would get $50 off a yearly membership

  • Flat fee membership of $400 which Kristen and Tony encouraged to rethink that cost structure

  • No additional or special credit card machine needed, the stores credit card machine will be activated by the gift card company to be a designated business.

  • About 20 businesses are currently getting involved.

  • You can buy the gift cards online and at a few physical locations.

  • Tony: these cards can’t expire, there’s no money taken off, etc.

  • Jan and Will suggest going through their proposal line by line but no huge pressure to get involved now. Kristen will push out to Stacey.

  • Tony suggests a meeting with them to nail out a proposal, Allen suggests asking them for a more detailed proposal with more benefits for us.

  • Will: the board is philosophically aligned with the Buoy Local mission. However, we need more details.

  • Eliott: we need to have a year long contract with them in which we outline details.

  • Jan’s letter: get out before Indie Biz


Shop for a cause: not sure how they’d like us to participate and what is in it for us?


Action Items:

  • Allen will pull video of Allen and Deb.

  • Everyone visit the Indie Biz facebook page.

  • Kristen will ask friend to photograph at Indie Biz Awards.

  • Kristen: massage gift certificate and bouquet of flowers for Thalassa.

  • Deb: get info from friend on Buy Local app.

  • Joe: get Kristen check for CVB membership.

  • Kristen: will get CVB membership.

  • Kristen: Will talk to Stacey about Buoy Local and her thoughts as she has the national perspective on what other nonprofits are doing.


Meeting notes: Brianna Courneya.

Meeting adjourned: 10:10am

Thank you sustaining members!

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