October 18, 2006

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Portland City Hall, Room 209

Board members in attendance: Carole Ansheles, Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Karl Ronhave, Anne Samson, Sara Struever, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Jan Beitzer, Judy Halpert, Nelle Hanig

Bill opens the meeting. The Board reviews the October, 2006 meeting minutes. Nancy corrects the price recorded for bumper stickers (should be $16/100). Stuart gives the correct name of Portland’s Best’s owner (Ari Meil). The minutes are accepted by the Board pending the aforementioned changes.

Structure Committee Report

The Board reviews the fiscal policy drafted by Carole. Stuart expresses concern about the low expense threshold requiring Board approval ($50). The Board discusses several options and ultimately determines that the $50 amount is acceptable. It is further determined that expenses between $50 and $200 may be approved by the Executive Committee. All expenses over $200 will require full Board approval. Susan motions to accept the fiscal policy with the aforementioned changes. Stuart seconds. The fiscal policy is unanimously accepted.

Carole explains the format of her monthly Treasurer Report and takes the group through the September report. She notes that it is cash-based accounting. Jan suggests that PIBCA look into purchasing QuickBooks software for ease of accounting and reporting. She further suggests visiting TechSoup.org, a site providing discount software for non- profit organizations. Susan moves to accept the September Treasurer Report. Jan seconds the motion. The Board accepts the report unanimously.

Sara updates the Board on the Articles of Incorporation. She is still waiting to receive the draft from Mary, our legal counsel. The Board tables this discussion until the next meeting.

The Board revisits term limits. As discussed at the September 6, 2006 meeting, term limits will be staggered for the inaugural Board. Half of the members will have one year terms, the other half will have two year terms. The following Board members volunteer for a one-year term: Carole Ansheles, Stuart Gersen, Joan Leitzer, Anne Samson, and Karl Rohave will have a one-year term. Two year terms will be held by Chris Busby, Bill Duggen, Nancy Lawrence, Stacy Mitchell, Sara Struever, and Susan Tran.

Sara updates the Board on the Structure Committee’s progress with coordinating the strategic planning meeting in January. Stacy has made contact with Steve Schuitt who will facilitate the strategic planning. She offers three possible dates: Thursday, January 11th, Tuesday, January 23rd, Wednesday, January 24th. The Board agrees to Wednesday, January 24th from 8am to 11am. Jan offers to provide coffee, tea, and munchies for the group on behalf of the Portland Downtown District. The meeting will either be held in room 209 at City Hall (Nell is looking into this option) or at the PDD office on Congress Street.

The next Structure Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 25th at Eiermann & Struever (415 Congress Street, Suite 202).

Recruitment Committee Report

Stuart, Carole, and Anne update the Board on the Recruitment Committee’s progress. They are seeking a volunteer to manage the recruitment materials inventory. Tracking down inventory is time-consuming and the Committee worries that we may not be getting the best prices on reprinting because no one has the time to seek bids from vendors. Jan suggests that Portland Buy Local participants should receive the first shot on providing bids and services. Stuart suggests the Board table the discussion of who we approach and focus on the need for a volunteer to take on the job. Anne agrees to become the Recruitment Supplies Guru.

The Committee updates the board on the upcoming recruitment push. They will host
two informational meetings on Thursday, October 26th. The first meeting will be held at
The Movies on Exchange at 8:30am, and the second meeting will be held at the Café at
Pat’s at 6pm. [Note: originally these meetings were to be held earlier in the same week,
but the date was changed due to printing delays.] The meetings are intended to be 30-
minutes in length and include packet distribution and a question and answer session.
The goal of this recruitment effort is to add 100 participants by the event on November 18th.

Anne reports that there are 38 complete packets available for the upcoming recruitment push. Stacy mentions that Mary Allen has 15 additional packets. Nancy has approximately 20 packets at Portmanteau. Anne suggests that 100 additional packets are needed in the coming week. It is unclear whether or not the City of Portland is storing any additional packet materials. Jan leaves the meeting to check with Liz and learns that there is no backstock of supplies.

The board discusses how participating businesses are using the Buy Local materials, particularly the thank you cards. Bill suggests that talking directly with the business owners will help in conveying the importance of the materials, foster strong relations with businesses, and therefore give us a solid foundation of support. Nancy reminds the group that we have consistently provided fewer thank you cards than intended to participating business which limits the value of the cards.

Carole expresses concern about the amount of legwork required of the Board and Advisory Board. Stuart suggests we table this discussion for now and focus on recruiting new members for the Recruitment Committee through an e-mail to the entire participant list.

Stacy suggests the Committee place an order with Curry for more thank you cards. Nelle will work with Liz on ordering additional decals from the City.Liz communicates that 100 more decals will be printed by the City at the same price as before. Nelle suggests that Anne contact Liz directly for a specific estimate. The decals will be ready on Tuesday, October 24th and available for pick-up in Liz’s office at City Hall.

The Board discusses Oren Steven’s recent e-mail seeking advice on whether or not to resign his post. He has taken a job that will make it impossible to attend any meetings. Bill and Susan both replied to Oren separately suggesting that he should indeed resign from the Board but remain involved with the campaign as his time allows.

The Board will not immediately seek to fill the vacant position.

Susan seeks the Board’s advice on how to respond to e-mails from people wishing to attend Board meetings. She explains that some of these requests have come from participants while others are from vendors seeking to new business. The Board debates whether or not the meetings are open to the public. Susan asserts that she feels it is important for PIBCA to remain a transparent organization, particularly in regards to the participants, but she is also concerned with the inefficiency of bringing new people up to speed at each meeting without taking up a lot of meeting time. Stacy suggests that this is an issue best addressed in our upcoming strategic planning session. Perhaps the answer will be clear once we determine our membership plans. Stacy also suggests that we consider having one Board meeting per quarter that is open to the public. Bill suggests that in the meantime, Susan reply to people on a case-by-case basis.

The next Recruitment Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 25th; location to be determined.

Marketing Committee Report

Chris arrives just in time to give the Marketing Committee update. Allison is still following up with The Forecaster (they have yet to provide her with holiday ad rates for Buy Local participants). The Committee would like to have the rates by November 1st to share with participants.

Sara updates the Board on the holiday poster. A graphic designer has come forward to create an artistic, silk screened holiday poster (18×24). A limited number of posters will be created and placed strategically throughout the city.

Sara will have a cost estimate on Buy Local gift tags in time for the next Board meeting.

Nancy updates the Board on the t-shirt and bumper sticker orders. Approximately 304 t- shirts will be delivered by month’s end. 6,000 bumper stickers are also on order – 4,000 for specific businesses and 2,000 for PIBCA’s use. Nancy reports that the t-shirt revenue plus the revenue generated by her Social Change Purses result in approximately $2,300 of additional funds for PIBCA.

Nancy also reports that there are still approximately 140 white t-shirts yet to be sold. The Board determines that the white shirts will continue to be sold alongside the new black t-shirts.

Stuart will sell t-shirts at the November 18th event since he will already be set up to sell copies of Stacy’s book.

Chris updates the Board on the November 18th event. It will be held at the building formerly owned by the Center for Cultural Exchange from 6-8pm. Instead of hiring a local band to perform, Chris will create some cds of local music to play at the event. The Marketing Committee will send a save the date e-mail asap. A second, detailed e-mail will be sent to all participants in early November. Bill volunteers his Videoport staff to make telephone calls to participants who do not have access to e-mail. The Marketing Committee will also send a press release out about the event. The Board briefly discusses what other events are taking place in Portland on the night of November 18th.

The date for the next Marketing Committee meeting is to be determined. The Board meeting is adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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