October 13, 2010

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Portland Downtown District Conference Room

In attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Kristen Smith, Briana Courneya, John Rooks, Stuart Gerson, Joe Gervais, Judy Halpert, Jan Beitzer.

Bill opened the meeting.

September minutes are approved with the addition of: Susan Tran will continue as President for two years. All in favor.

Board Recruitment

  • There are 5 prospects for the board that will be attending the next board meeting.
  • We should encourage these new prospects join a committee.
  • Procedurally, prospects will attend a board meeting to get a feel for the commitments. Then we will meet with the prospects individually.

Volunteer Committee/Coordination

  • Since Briana will be away for several months, we need to recruit a new coordinator within the next month.
  • Michelle Smith from Goodwill was recommended. Briana will ask her. IndieBiz Awards
  • John gave an update on IndieBiz. o Wereviewedthenight’sagenda:

Web Site Project

  • Mingle (6:30 to 7:15)
  • Thanks sponsors (7:15 –
  • Intro to Board
  • State of the Org.
  • Financial State of the Org
  • Q and A (7:45)
  • Award Presentation (7:45 to ?)

John gave an update on the website project.

  • Next week the web committee will be reviewing wireframes and webmap.
  • Board members will be invited to a special meeting for design rather than try to schedule these reviews with the board meeting.

Membership Committee

Kristen gave an update on Membership.

  • It was resolved that we need a new chair for the committee. This deserves serious attention.

Fall directory distribution.

  • It will coordinate with the holiday posters.
  • Next newsletter should include a list of places where people can get directories.

Marketing Committee

Chris gave an update on the committee.

Holiday marketing plan.

  • New poster from Amy is in. They will be printed in Mid November.
  • It will be used in DownEast magazine as a Holiday Ad.
  • Co-op participation has been strong.
  • Chris will send the Holiday budget to the Treasurer.

Fall posters.

  • 50% of are out.
  • 50-75 holes to fill.
  • Chris may send out a Help email to fill in the gaps.

Downtown Worker Appreciation Day

  • Need to re-think “bag system” Need at least 600.
  • Food qty was great.
  • Need to coordinate date better (not on a Farmers Market Day, or Cruise Ship Day?) Maybe move to September.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is November 10, 2010 Minutes recorded by John Rooks.

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