November 9, 2011

Buy Local Board Meeting

November 9, 2011

In attendance: Stacy Mitchell, Danielle Marks, Susan Tran, Jan Beitzer, Mary Marsh, Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Kristen Smith, and Brianna McCabe.

Motion to accept last meetings minutes. All in favor, no changes.

TV Raffle:

  • Videoport, Longfellow and Planet Dog to sell TV raffle tickets
  • Kristin to look at raffle regulations
  • Tentatively print 1000


  • Accepted Administrative Ambassador job description
  • Possible bonus at the end of the membership campaign
  • Stacy to do email combining job announcement and the annual meeting



  • 27 businesses completed
  • Nice mix of businesses who took the survey
  • MECEP to announce after Thanksgiving
  • Jan could organize a press conference
  • Approved $300 on spending for print and graphic design for the survey




  • Plans for the Bollard Gift Guide, MPBN and the Phoenix.  Forecaster is a maybe.


Web and email:

  • Web traffic is up.
  • Send email to members about updating tags etc. and letting people know what they can do on Facebook.
  • Holiday Facebook member promotion plan- Post suggested gifts on the Buy Local Facebook page.
  • Half of members have no tags and are losing out on the search feature.



  • Conducting a mailing of local businesses.  New offer: Join now and you are a member until 2013.
  • Give a PBL membership for the holidays.
  • Next mixer at the Portland Museum of Art.  Avoid the 15th and Merry Madness.


  • Directory distribution this month.
  • Lots of directories at Videoport


Other business:

  • Time and Temp building message will begin the Monday after Thanksgiv


Minutes recorded by D. Marks

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