November 18, 2009

November 18, 2009 Buy Local Board Meeting

PDD Announcement

  • Press conference for new district signs by PDD this Friday at 10am
  • PDD was offered a store front space for the holidays and the offer was extended to Buy Local for our winter campaign. Space is at the corner of Temple and Fore.



  • Over 300 members by July 2010
  • Go back to past members to recruit o Reach out to small independent service providers for membership
  • Wholesale business an option (discuss whether we should put them on website and in directory)
  • Push for ethnic market stores (needs more one on one attention)

Membership 2010 Drive plan:

  • Email
  • Letter and invoice
  • Second email
  • Second invoice


  • Looking into updating member welcome packets and updating note on how to use materials (especially the “10 Reasons”)
  • Spend the money to outsource the mailing work
  • Will have a more detailed budget for next board meeting
  • Adding more info regarding sustaining member into the letter o No increase this year of membership fees


  • Run Buy Local morning again in March
  • Draft of holiday poster will be finalized this Friday
  • Planet Dog offered space on their sign at Marginal Way for Buy Local holiday poster banner
  • Kathy wonders if this will give the sense that Planet Dog is the place to shop locally for pet supplies

Two banner options:

  • One double sided for $200
  • Two one sided for $115 each

Discussion about which ads should be used for what/where:

  • Buy Local gift card poster is going to be the big poster for strategic locations and banner (with our website added)
  • The holiday photo will be used in the Buy Local Morning ad format with the tag “Buy Local Holiday” rather than “Have More Fun”


  • Where did the observatory logo come from? Talk about later.
  • Motion passed for banner at $500
  • Thank you cards proofed. Went through 20,000 last year.
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