November 15, 2006

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Portland City Hall, Room 209

Board members in attendance: Carole Ansheles, Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Karl Ronhave, Anne Samson, Sara Struever, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Judy Halpert

Bill opens the meeting. Due to an e-mail issue, the minutes from the November 1st meeting were not sent to the Board for review. They will be re-sent for approval at the December 6th meeting.

Marketing Committee Report

Chris updates the Board on the Committee’s activities. An e-mail was sent to all participants on November 14th with reminders that the Forecaster holiday advertising deadline is Thursday, November 16th and the Buy Local Publication Party and Book- Signing is Saturday, November 18th.

MECA Sale: Oren sent an e-mail to the full Board regarding the MECA holiday sale. Bill recalls that Jan Beitzer offered to staff a table on behalf of Buy Local at an earlier meeting. Chris, Joan, and Carole all offer to take shifts as well. Nancy points out that the MECA sale coincides with the PDD’s Charity Day and wonders if Jan realizes this. Note: Upon review of the October 4th meeting minutes, Susan discovers that Jan volunteered to staff a table at the December 12th Greater Portland Neighborhood Coalition conference, not the MECA Holiday Sale.

The Forecaster: Stuart asks for clarification on The Forecaster rates and deadline. Anne provides a copy of the rate sheet. Chris explains that the guide will be based on our holiday poster and include a yet-to-be-determined amount of text from our “Why Buy Local?” sheet. Chris will touch base with Allison, our contact with The Forecaster, regarding copy and layout. Susan reminds Chris to make sure that The Forecaster credits Carrie Byrne if they use her poster design.

To/From Tags: Sara updates the group on the holiday “To/From” tags. The Board discusses quantity and cost per piece. Carole inquires about distribution as she is concerned with the lack of available volunteers this time of year. Anne asks for clarification on how the tags will be paid for. Chris explains that Buy Local will pay for the printing upfront, but sell the tags to participants to recoup the cost. The cost will be $.05 each or $5 per 100. Chris further suggests that the tags be delivered along with the holiday posters to cut down on the volunteer hours needed. Nancy suggests that we mail the tags to participants who wish to purchase them. Nancy further suggests that we take pre-orders to help defray the upfront costs required for printing. She is also willing to have the tags on hand at Portmanteau for pick-up. Stuart also volunteers to be a pick-up point for tags.

Bill asks Sara where she plans to have the tags printed and what she anticipates for turn-around time. Sara plans to take them to Bayside Printing for two-color off-set. Bill asks if Bayside is a Buy Local participant. Sara reports that they are not, but that they haven’t yet been formally asked. She feels that they will likely join when she follows-up.

Stuart suggests that we make a policy in favor of giving participants first dibs on Buy Local projects. It is agreed that we will move forward with Bayside on this project but look to participants first on all future projects.

Bill suggests that Sara redesign the cards so that they are smaller. Chris expresses concern over the size of the web site and whether or not it will be legible if any smaller. Bill suggests that the gift message and our logo are the most important aspects of the tag. Sara will work on the redesign and have the tags printed as soon as possible.

We will send an e-mail to participants inviting them to pre-order tags.

Sara motions to order 10,000 gift tags. Stuart seconds the motion. It is unanimously approved.

November 18th Event: Chris asks Carole for an update on the status of our payment to One Longfellow Square. Carole explains that the Buy Local checks have just arrived at TruChoice. She will pick them up after the meeting and cut the check later today.

Stuart requests a reminder for the items he needs to bring on Saturday: podium, small table, t-shirts, stickers, and white wine. Nancy and Joan both volunteer to remind him on Saturday morning.

Susan updates the group on food. The Café at Pat’s has donated an antipasti platter and Francisco’s has agreed to provide additional hors d’oeuvres at half price (the cash portion of this will be provided by Tsunami Tattoo). Susan has agreed to purchase two large cheese platters from K. Horton. She estimates this will cost the group between $100 and $120. Susan is still trying to connect with Mary Allen regarding a coffee donation.

Susan asks for volunteers who will be able to pick-up food items on Saturday afternoon. Sara and Joan volunteer. Anne volunteers to pick-up plates, cups, and napkins. The Marketing Committee will meet on Friday to go over the final details.

Anne and Carole agree to staff the beverage table at the event.

Chris confirms that a media alert has been sent out. Additionally, the Phoenix has agreed to advertise the event in this week’s paper. Stacy will appear on 207 on Friday and plug the event on air.

Stuart suggests that we have signage at the Public Market House directing guests to the proper location.

Other Media: Chris reports that Jon Courtney, Co-founder and Programmer for Space Gallery, wore the new Buy Local t-shirt at the opening night of the Human Rights Film Festival, displaying the new design to more than 250 film-goers.

In conjunction with Bill’s appearance on 207, WCSH-6 purchased gift certificates from several Buy Local participants and held a give-away for viewers.

The Board agrees that the publicity and business-generated is positive, however it is also agreed that PIBCA should be involved with future endeavors such as these. Bill suggests that this is another scenario that should be discussed in the Marketing Committee to develop a protocol.

Holiday Posters: Sara reports that she and Carrie have been working on the posters and that they will be done this week, in time for the November 18th event. Sara will check with Carrie on the status of the 8 1⁄2×11 version. Nancy reports that she’s ordered a 28×32, mounted version of the poster for her holiday window display.

Keep Portland Real: Joan reports that she recently attended a KPR meeting and encourages business owners and citizens to show their support for the proposed Formula Business Ordinance prior to the Monday, November 20th City Council meeting.

Nancy reports that Stacy wrote an op-ed piece for the Portland Press Herald. Nancy co- signed the letter as the owner of the oldest business in the Old Port. She’s not sure when it will be published and encourages the Board to keep an eye out for it.

Recruitment Committee Report

Carole reports that the Recruitment Committee is closing in on its goal of 200 participants. She hopes to reach their goal before Saturday’s event.

Structure Committee Report

Sara presents the revised Articles of Incorporation for the Board to sign. She will have the paperwork at Saturday’s event to get any missing signatures.

Sara reports on the committee’s most recent meeting where the focus was on gathering research for January’s strategic planning. The focus of the November 13th meeting was on Buy Local activities, both long and short term. The next meeting, scheduled for Monday, November 20th, will focus on membership. Sara stresses that these meeting are simply laying some groundwork for the meeting with the facilitator. She encourages everyone on the Board to share their thoughts ideas with the committee. Bill urges the Board to review the committee’s notes and do some brainstorming prior to the meeting with the facilitator.

Joan mentions that she ran into the facilitator recently and is concerned that the meeting date may not be confirmed on his calendar. She will contact Stacy for an update.

Other Business

Web Site: Sara clarifies the two web site issues currently on the table: 1. Changes/updates to existing site – adding new participants, making sure the organization information and new section are current. 2.    Site redesign – this is on Sara’s plate. The goal is to make the site easier to update and also feature a searchable participant directory.

Stuart volunteers to contact Stacy and Jake to see if he can provide help in updating the participant list.

Future Meeting Dates: Due to the holiday season, the Board decides to alter its regular meeting schedule as follows:

  • 12/6 Regular meeting (8:30-10am in Room 209)
  • 12/20 Cancelled
  • 1/3 Cancelled
  • 1/10 Meeting from 8:30-10am
  • 1/24 Strategic Planning Meeting with facilitator from 8-11am

Susan will contact Nelle to confirm the availability of Room 209 on the irregular meeting dates and alert her to the cancelled meetings.

Meeting is adjourned. Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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