November 14th, 2012 Minutes

Portland Buy Local

Board Meeting Minutes – 11/14/12, 8:30am, Portland’s Downtown District

Present: Danielle, Will, Elliott, Michelle, Emily, Jan, Doug, Joan, Brianna, Mary

In Kristen’s absence, Danielle ran the meeting.

Review of last month’s minutes: Danielle pointed out that we did, indeed, check City calendars when planning Indie Biz. Motion to accept the minutes with that change. All in favor.

Melissa Rivera has resigned from the Board. Move to accept her resignation, all in favor. She leaves us without a Marketing Committee Chair. Danielle, Elliott, Michelle, and Bri are all on that committee. Michelle asked if being a co-chair was an option as she’ll be on maternity leave starting in December. Elliott said he could step up and help – we really need to have some leadership on the committee to get through the holidays. Jan mentioned Will [Etheridge from PDD] could help out, as well.

Emily mentioned she could pitch in quite a bit, since things have slowed down for her position.

Mary reminded us that we will be replacing Melissa eventually. Let’s find someone with marketing skills.

Motion to nominate Michelle and Elliott as co-chairs of the Marketing Committee. All in favor.

Marketing: we need to choose a poster for our holiday campaign. Teresa Lagrange created three for us [they were distributed around the table]. All agreed the one with Pandora’s lights looked the best – but we should tweak it to get our logo more prominent.

Danielle: Elliott will coordinate changes and printing, and Emily will coordinate distribution to members.

Danielle: regarding ads this season… we have ad opportunity info from The Bollard, WMPG, Phoenix, MPBN, and have reached out to PPH and Go. Let’s go ahead with the Time and Temp message swap [Joe Bornstein’s office puts our message atop the building for one week in exchange for a 1-pg ad in next year’s directory]. Motion to move ahead with that swap. All in favor.

Jan: PDD and Buy Local can go ahead and combine out ads for MPBN again this year if we’d like. Motion to move forward with that. All in favor.

Mixer: next Mixer will be December 4th at Peloton Labs on Congress Street.

Membership: we’ve had one meeting and devoted most of it to discussing moving to rolling memberships. Discussed the benefits and challenges, and how it would affect the Directory and Heather’s work with us. The Executive Committee also discussed rolling memberships and feels we don’t have enough time to tackle that this year, but maybe we could aim to get it going next Fall. Will gave a rundown of the pros.

Jan: we’d need to talk to Heather about doing two printings and the cost of those.

Emily: I don’t feel good about asking businesses to join now [Nov and Dec] when we will ask them to renew in February. Hope we can move to rolling.

Other: We need to recruit new board members. Everyone try to think of a few folks who might be a good fit. It was suggested that we try getting in touch with businesses we know and have worked with before – namely Sebago and Casco Bay Frames.

Sustain Maine Happier Hour at Empire (Nov 9th) recap:

Not too exciting, but nice.

Audubon gathering recap: Michelle attended, great networking. Adam Lee is interested in joining/getting involved. Emily recommended asking him to join as an Individual Sustaining Member. Audubon can actually join, too, since they are a non-profit. Michelle thought they were interested.

November Newsletter: Mixer, buying locally during holidays, Sustain Maine recap, Member Marketing Opportunities page on website, encourage members to submit holiday events. Promote Merry Madness later in the month or in December through e-mail and facebook.

Emily: we have 23 boxes of directories now. How many do we want to hang onto after the New Year? Jan asks that we keep 10. Emily will be coordinating more directory deliveries along with the posters.

Emily was excused as Board went into Executive Session (see below).

The Buy Local Board went into Executive Session at 9:32 AM to discuss personnel and financial matters. The board came out of executive session at 9:40 AM.

Elliot moved and Joan seconded the motion to approve Emily working remoting and out of state from January 20 to February 20, 2013. Passed unanimously. Board Chair Kristen Smith will oversee her work and hours.

Elliot moved and Brianna seconded the motion to move our banking from Gorham Savings Bank to University Credit Union. Danielle said that the Executive Committee supports this move. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

Thank you sustaining members!

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