November 13, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local

Board Meeting Minutes, 11/13/2013

Present – Doug Johnson, Tony Cox, Allen Baldwin, Kristen Smith, Jan Beitzer, Elise Loschiavo, Elliott Teel, Erin Kiley, Will Cary, Danielle Marks, Deb Tenenbaum, Thalassa Raasch


  • Member Sara Ameigh of Balanced Books is a new Marketing Committee member and a potential Board member
  • We’ll be needing a new treasurer in the next 4-6 months – perhaps Sara?

Indie Biz

  • Total raised –   $5603.22 (not net – need to subtract expenses)!! Best so far, good turnout out (best attended) and wonderful night. Huge thanks to Tony for the time he and his staff put in. Thanks to Danielle and Thalassa and everyone else who helped.


  • Gorham account is closed
  • UCU and 8 Month Special now hold the money


  • Mixer – November 14th (tomorrow) at Wildwood. Next one should be at Urban Farm Fermentory, date TBD
  • Holiday campaign – finalize graphic.
  • –>Print advertising – MPBN is expensive? But let’s do it.
  • Shift campaign is holiday retail. Next years schedule will be reworked by Elliot and Thalassa so that it’s balanced throughout the year.
  • Poll will go out in January – what would members like to see (this is also when the national AMIBA poll goes out)
  • Book club – still in the works, first book will be “Big Box Swindle”
  • –>few models – 1. dedicated group meeting regularly or 2. a group meeting every other month. (Wild Iris to host?) – or both existing together – smaller group leads larger group
  • –>Ask Stacy to come! For inaugural discussion
  • –>Someone dedicated needs to lead it – see who is interested and then decide which model suits them best
  • Maine Today is doing their “local for the holidays” story
  • “Plaid Friday” – we will work to highlight alternative Black Friday events – see Erin and Kristen


  • MECA or USM – Thalassa will draft description of what that would look like, especially for Shift – we oversee this but hand it off to a social media – Jan-May/a semester – social media department at USM? No pay but partner with university so that they get credit.

Next week

  • Big directory drop and poster – Thalassa and Brianna will coordinate
  • Membership letter will go out next week – have stuffed by Xpress


  • New members will renew a year from now
  • Perch proposal to Board when ready – Will and Thalassa are reviewing this
  • QR code – how is this set up and how do we track usage? Maybe keep them off the stickers for now and keep for merchant decal
  • Recruiting immigrant members – Thalassa to follow up on CEI lead – recruit these members for our committees and Board and work to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Welcome postcard for new businesses in Portland – work on this with Marketing
  • Targeting members to recruit more sustaining members. Also recruit individual members. (Make a page for this and get approval from current individuals!)

Other Business

  • Buoy Local – we need a subcommittee to do formal research on other communities and their community credit cards. Kristen has some lists and contacts to reach out to.
  • –>On this committee – Danielle, Jan, Elise
  • –>We want to be really thoughtful about this before we sign on as a non-profit
  • Space – Kristen will research this

Thank you sustaining members!

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