November 10, 2010

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Kristen Smith, Briana Courneya, John Rooks, Stuart Gerson

Several perspective board members attended as guests. Stacy opens the meeting. Minutes for October were approved.


Chris gave an update and presented a budget for the holiday marketing plan. He presented the marketing committee’s plan and budget.

Might shift the GO media buy to 4x rather than 2x Phoenix could go to $0 cost with the proper members participation Underwriting for MPBN should be added in up to $1,400

Motion was passed to approve a maximum of $3,000 on Holiday Marketing.

Distribution of posters and directories:
We need a good inventory of what is left for directories. Coffee by Design may have more boxes.

For the peninsula, Jan has a person who we can hire to do downtown deliveries. $9.25/hr for about 20 hours.

Kristen will assemble a list of businesses by neighborhoods so that we can determine the most effective distribution for the remaining directories.

Strategic Planning

Stacy provided an overview of the Executive Committee discussion around strategic planning. We are targeting January.

The purpose is to regroup on goals, growth strategies, etc. Marsha Greenberg has proposed to run the plan, as she has done in the past.

We have proposed to offer Marsha $500 to facilitate. A motion was made and approved for this expenditure.

Fiscal Policies

Bill reviewed our fiscal policy as a reminder to us all. All board members are encouraged to review.
IndieBiz Fiscal Report

John provided an IndieBiz financial report.

Budget: $2,000 Expenses: $1,300 Income: $2,750 Profit: $1,500 + Cash from door
Final numbers are forthcoming.

There was overall sentiment that the admission cost was too high. Without an auction it is tough to justify the fee charged this year. In general, the event needs to be better communicated that it is a benefit to raise money for PIBCA.

We should pull together a subcommittee to focus on the issues learned from this year.    John will update a list of these lessons.

Volunteers and Board Development

If there are volunteers that we know of, please send to Kristen, who will manage a master list.
Website Project

John and members of the web sub committee gave a presentation for the web project including a review of the recommended home page. The design was approved.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is December 8, 2010 Minutes recorded by John Rooks.

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