November 1, 2006

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Portland City Hall, Room 209

Board members in attendance: Carole Ansheles, Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Stacy Mitchell, Karl Ronhave, Anne Samson, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Allison Ayan, Judy Halpert, Nelle Hanig

Bill opens the meeting. The Board reviews the October 18, 2006 meeting minutes, and Stuart makes a motion to accept them as written. The motion is seconded by Carole. The Board unanimously accepts the minutes.

Recruitment Committee Report

Stuart reports that Edith & Edna on Exchange Street donated space for the Committee to assemble new packets. The Committee then held two recruitment events on Thursday, October 26th. The first event, held at 10am at The Movies on Exchange, was attended by Andy Aronson of Harbor View Gifts and Kathy Fletcher of Fetch. They offered to recruit 15 of the businesses on the list. The second event, held at 6pm at The Café at Pat’s, was attended by Pam Albert of Papier Gourmet. Pam agreed to recruit 10 businesses on the recruitment list. Carole signed up a new recruit at the event itself. Stuart further reports that Joan and Judy have agreed to recruit several of the businesses on the list.

The Committee’s goal is to bring on 40 new participants in this current push.

Carole inquires if Bill’s staff at Videoport could make recruitment calls. Bill suggests that the priority is the November 18th event and contacting those participants who will not receive the e-mail invitation. Stacy will provide Bill with the list.

Structure Committee Report

In Sara’s absence, Susan and Carole update the Board on the Committee’s progress. The Board reviews the Articles of Incorporation and discover three items to be edited: Oren Stevens should be removed from the Board list as he has resigned from the Board, Alan Schmidt should also be removed as he is on the Advisory Board, and the number of initial directors must be changed from 13 to 11.

Carole will order checks with two signature lines this week. She will also touch base with MEBSR to inquire about the balance still owed to us.

Marketing Committee Report

Carrie Byrne presents the holiday poster campaign she has designed. Carrie will silk screen 120 11×17 posters. Space Gallery has agreed to let Carrie use its new screening facility and equipment. The Art Mart will donate a portion of the paper needed. Carrie will distribute the posters at the November 18th event to participants with high visibility store fronts. Buy Local will have an additional run of 100 smaller posters (8 1⁄2 x 11) printed for those participants who do not have high visibility store fronts. Carrie will also provide a pdf of the poster for color copying (to be hung in public spaces).

Chris and Allison update the group on The Forecaster’s offer of a special Buy Local for the Holidays advertising section. The Forecaster has provided a flyer for us to share with our participants and has offered an agency rate for Buy Local participants. Susan suggests that an actual rate card would be helpful. Allison will speak with our contact at The Forecaster about including the rates in our e-mail to participants. Allison will also ask about using Carrie’s poster design (with acknowledgement) for the special section. After Susan sends the e-mail to participants, The Forecaster will follow-up. This leads to a discussion about sharing our participants’ information with vendors. Chris points out that The Forecaster will only use the information available on our web site and will not be given specific contact information. Additionally, Susan will include the name and contact information for our Forecaster rep in the participant e-mail.

Bill suggests that the Marketing Committee create a protocol for dealing with vendors and salespeople. The Committee will review this issue after the November 18th event and make a recommendation to the Board. Stacy suggests that the Committee further consider making an official preference for working with locally-owned media.

Carole reports on her meeting with the Portland Metro service. The internal bus advertising signage is very affordable, and Carole suggests the Board consider it in our campaign plans.

Chris next updates the group on the November 18th event. Stacy will speak around 7pm for 15-20 minutes followed by a Q&A and discussion. She will also be available to sign books. Stuart will have books on hand to sell and will also sell t-shirts and bumper stickers. Bill will serve as the master of ceremonies and introduce Stacy. In his introduction, he will talk about our group and the holiday campaign. Susan and Stuart will each donate a case of wine.

The Marketing Committee will meet with Chris Campbell, owner of One Longfellow Square to solidify the details. Chris warns there may be a nominal rental fee.

Stacy suggests we have a donation basket at the event to help cover costs. The Board agrees.

The group discusses what type of license, if any, is required for offering free wine or beer at an event such as ours. Bill suggests that we look into the issue, and if we cannot get a license, we should not serve beer or wine. Nelle will look into the licensing issue on the city end and Allison will review the PDD’s research on the matter.

Stacy will appear on “207” on Friday, November 17th and will promote the event to viewers.

Stuart suggests that we refer to the event as a publication party and book signing in our press release and invitation.

Chris and Sara will provide the Board with an update on the To/From holiday tags at the next Board meeting.

Nancy reports that the new t-shirts and bumper stickers are at Portmanteau and available for pick-up. Nancy has ordered an additional 144 that will be ready the week of November 6th for anyone who missed the original deadline.

Other Business

Stacy mentions that she is seeking a few business owners who are interested in meeting with her and Mayor Cohen to discuss the possible Portland Formula Business Moratorium. This meeting is not connected with Portland Buy Local’s activities.

Carole encourages members to write to the Council as private citizens and business owners to weigh in on the issue.

Portland Buy Local will take no stand on the Formula Business issue as an organization.

Nelle notes that Matt Fitzgerald of the City of Portland would like to meet with the Board or members of a committee to discuss purchasing locally. Stuart suggests he meet with the full board.

The Board meeting is abruptly adjourned as we have gone past our allotted time, and another group is waiting for the room.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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