May 20, 2009

Portland Buy Local May Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Susan Tran, John Rooks. Stacy Mitchell, Kristin Smith, Stuart Gerson, Briana Couryene, Judy Halpert

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo, Jan Beitzer

Susan opens the meeting.

The Board reviews and approves the minutes from the April meeting.

Stacy updated us on marketing:

  • Be Passionate poster to be turned into a T Shirt.
  • Web stats for unique visitors are up.
  • We should review the business categories on-line.
  • There’s a new page for becoming a member or starting a buy local group.
  • New interactive map that shows 130 national buy local organizations.

Kristen updated us on membership:

  • Shared a list of renewed members, new members and lapsed members that still need nudging.
  • Reminder email should go out today reminding people to bring their checks tonight to the

Indie Biz Awards.

  • Kristen will email a new “not renewed” list on Tuesday.

Kathy updated us on Indie Biz Awards:

  • Ran through the general plan for tonight.
  • 6pm door open. Silent auction. Announcements throughout the night. Awards presentation (start it a little early).
  • Stuart will bring CC machine for silent auction and membership.
  • Board members will serve as presenters for the awards.
  • This will be a great event. The Indie Biz team has worked very hard and has done a great job.

Other business:

  • Need to look at using the database for volunteer management and neighborhood distribution.
  • E-Newsletter – the board voted on authorizing some money to manage outbound emails. Utilizing an email services and a monthly newsletter will solve some problems.
  • $99 + monthly fee based on volume (1,000 emails/month. Total is $388. Bill motioned. John Seconded. Motion was unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by John Rooks, Secretary

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