May 16, 2007

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Carole Ansheles, Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Jan Beitzer, Elise Loschiavo

Bill opens the meeting. The Board reviews and approves the May 2nd meeting minutes.

Membership Committee

The Board discusses the upcoming membership drive. Bill suggests that in light of the new money coming in, we should put the election of a new Treasurer at the top of our priorities.

The Board also discusses the need for improved communication with participants. For the Membership drive, the Committee will draft a letter and e-mail to be sent to all existing participants. There will be a two-week deadline for response after which time, the Committee will follow-up in person. Stuart will send the letter to Susan. She will add the PIBA logo, save the document as a PDF, and send it to Bill and back to Stuart. Susan will also send a list of bad e-mail addresses to Stacy. Stacy will create mailing labels for Bill who will send the letter to participants with bad addresses and no e-mail at all.
Stacy asks about inventory level for packets. Stuart explains that more are needed. Stacy suggests we consider having the decals printed as window clings the next time around. Bill expresses concern about the clings being removed for cleaning and not being replaced afterwards. Someone suggests looking into mild adhesives.

Susan asks for an update on our contact with the Eastland Park Hotel regarding their ineligibility. Bill will follow-up with our contact at the hotel as soon as possible.

Nancy updates the Board on activity at the May 9th event. She has $11 in donations.    Also, one of the memberships was charged to Portmanteau. Nancy will reimburse PIBCA for that membership payment.

Stacy will research AMIBA’s on-line membership database. She will also work with the Membership Committee to devise a plan for communicating within the Board regarding new/renewing members.

Marketing/Education Committee

Chris offers a brief re-cap of the May 9th event. Attendance was lower than anticipated, though there was a solid showing of new faces.
We discuss the idea of doing an event around July 4th in recognition of Independents Week and the campaign’s one-year anniversary.

Chris updates the group on the new poster campaign. There is some concern that Portland Spice will be closing, so we will need to choose another business to highlight just in case. The Board identifies Micucci’s and Portland Salvage. Chris will contact them as soon as possible to gauge their interest. In terms of the design, Chris will add more information on the business.

Nancy has ordered the fabric for new tote bags and urges board to raise the price on bags and t- shirts.

Other Business

The Board discusses the pro’s and con’s of reducing meetings to once a month. Stacy suggests that the Board meetings would need to be more focused and less action-oriented. Stuart is concerned that we may not be ready for this sort of schedule. Bill disagrees and would like to give it a try with the stipulation that the Executive Committee will hold open, monthly meetings to discuss larger issues. Carole urges the Board to get more people involved on the volunteer, committee, and board levels.

Stacy mentions that the League of Young Voters has asked Buy Local to staff a table at their upcoming event on May 31st. The Board revisits the discussion of whether or not PIBCA should attend political events. The Executive Committee will discuss the issue further. Jan will provide language regarding logo usage for Committee to review. The Board agrees that there is not enough time to make a decision in time for the May 31st event.

The Executive Committee will look at external communications at its next meeting.

Jan asks if anyone is available to staff the Buy Local table at the Old Port Festival. Joan volunteers to attend from 11am – 1pm.

Meeting is adjourned quickly as another group arrives to use the conference room.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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