March 7, 2007

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Portland City Hall, Room 209

Board members in attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Judy Halpert

Bill opens the meeting. He announces that Nelle Hanig has tendered her resignation to the Advisory Board. He also announces that the City has asked PIBCA to find another space for Board meetings. Room 209 will be available to us through the April 18th Board meeting.

The Board reviews the February 28th meeting minutes. Stacy makes a motion to accept the minutes. Joan seconds. The minutes are unanimously accepted.

Strategic Planning

Bill leads the Board through a review of the work plan. Stuart expresses concern with the current lack of manpower on the board. Stacy suggests we include consider a long-term goal of hiring a part time staffer to coordinate our efforts and manage the day to day operations. Chris suggests that each Board member recruit one new person for the Board or Advisory Board. Bill wishes to review the results of our August meet and greet survey to see if there is already a pool of volunteers to pull from. Susan will look for a copy of the results and forward it to the Board. Stacy suggests that it may be more useful to recruit people at the committee level. Stuart suggests we need more people who are focused on the larger picture. Bill suggests the Board focus on adopting the work plan and then fill holes as needed.

The Board discusses a spring meet and greet as a tool for recruiting Board members and committee volunteers as well as an opportunity to reach out to participants before the upcoming membership campaign. The group discusses venue options such as One Longfellow Square and Space. Chris will contact Space regarding availability.

The Board continues its review of the work plan. Stacy suggests that the Member Database maintenance fall to the Membership Committee and not the Marketing/Education Committee as originally planned. All agree. Stacy will research database options offered by AMIBA.

Stacy makes a motion to adopt the critical issues work plan with the aforementioned change, and that the Board further agree it is a flexible document that may evolve and change over time. Susan seconds the motion, and the Board unanimously approves.

The Board reviews the current committee leadership and structure. Susan will review the proposed by-laws to see if Carole is eligible, as Treasurer, to serve as the head of the Finance Committee. Susan will also contact Carole to see if she has an interest in chairing a committee. Bill suggests that the Executive Committee oversee finance. Stacy agrees, but suggests that the Executive Committee oversight be temporary, during which time the Board actively recruits members who will eventually take over that committee.

In terms of the Membership Committee, Stuart is willing to continue as the chair, but expresses concern about his ability to get everything accomplished.

Susan suggests that Sally may be willing to co-chair the Membership Committee once the Structure Committee is dissolved. Stuart will follow-up with Sally before the next Board meeting.

Chris is happy to continue as chair of the Marketing Committee.

The Board reviews the committee membership and agrees that while the Executive and Marketing Committee are set, the Membership and Finance Committees will need recruits. The group brainstorms about possible candidates including Rosemont Floral, Fetch, Touchstone Books, and Coffee by Design employees. Bill will contact Mary Allen to see if she has anyone on staff who might be interested in joining a committee.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 21st at City Hall in room 209. Susan will contact Jan see if the PDD conference room would be an option for any of the upcoming meetings.

Meeting is adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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