March 18, 2009

Portland Buy Local Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Susan Tran, John Rooks. Stacy Mitchell, Kristin Smith.

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo

Susan opens the meeting. The Board reviews and approves the minutes from the February 11, 2009 meeting.


Kristen gave an update on membership and membership drive.

  • We will not accept credit cards this year, due to loss of ~4% from transaction fees.
  • Review of membership process. 2 Applications will be sent instead of 5 postcards with the renewal forms.
  • We discussed the need to place an ad to encourage memberships. All ads should have call for membership.
  • Letter, application renewal, ad sales sheets will be mailed to all members
  • Need to updates tips to promote buy local.
  • Add additional emails on application.
  • First push is April
  • Early May is a postcards as needed for final ad sales or directory as needed.
  • Deadline for renewal is May 22. (29)
  • Sell inside front cover.
  • Put map in center spread.
  • Page count will increase due to member increase. 175 to (maybe) 300.
  • Holding last year’s ad rates.
  • Publish higher rates, but early bird is $X.
  • Discussion of cover: Change the image, Keep the colors. Maybe the image more inline with the overall brand. We will look at new covers at the April meeting.
  • Directory will be ready on July 1.


Kathy gave an Indie Biz Awards update

  • There were 25 survey responses.
  • Some volunteers have come forward
  • May 13th or 20th, Empire Room Upstairs.
  • Possibility of moving it to another date in 2010.
  • Looking for a few in-kind sponsors and $1500 in paid sponsorship.
  • Need to check with Empire on food issue.

We are also looking at “10% Shift” theme to go into posters.

We also talked about the idea of raffling cover/poster as an auction item.

Next Marketing Committee Meeting Date: 4/10/09 9am @ PDD

Executive / Finance Committee

Next Executive Committee Meeting: 4/1/09 noon @ Maples 151 Middle St.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by John Rooks, Secretary

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