July 16, 2008

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Sally Struever, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo

Also in attendance: Lauren Pongan and John Rooks

Bill opens the meeting with the Executive Committee report. He asks the Board for recommendations on accountants. Nancy suggests Jane Honig. She will contact Jane before the next Board meeting.

Bill requests an update on Board member recruiting. Susan introduces John Rooks of Dwell Creative. John is observing today’s meeting with an eye towards joining the Board. Sally will be meeting with others this month. Carole is also working with a few off-peninsula Board prospects.

Bill asks for the Board’s comments on the proposed Communications Policy. Stacy raises the question of whether the newsletter – yet to be produced – belongs in the document. All agree that it’s best to keep the language in the document and alter in the future should the need arrive. Since the majority of the Board members present has not yet reviewed the proposed policy, the item is tabled until the August meeting.

Finance Committee

Stacy reports on the last committee meeting which focused on developing the FY09 work plan. She also notes that Lauren is putting together a grant deadline calendar for the coming year. No revenue/expense report is available as Judy is currently out of town.

Sally mentions that she is seeking some expenses related to the membership campaign in order to complete her report on FY09 renewals. Stacy will review the records and help Sally in determining these expenses.

Membership Committee

Sally is working on a report summarizing the FY09 membership campaign. She briefly explains that the renewal goal was exceeded at 80%. In terms of Sustaining Members, to date we’ve received 15 on a goal of 10. The new member goal has fallen short at 40 (this included lapsed participant renewals). Nancy asks for a clarification on lapsed renewals vs. brand new members. Sally will look at the numbers and include these findings in her final report.

Sally’s records reflect a total income of $9,700. She estimates expenses at approximately $1,800. Joan asks if the committee is still actively recruiting. Sally confirms that they are continuing to recruit.

There will be no Membership Committee meeting this month; Sally will instead be conducting one-on-one meetings with committee members.

Sally reminds everyone of the Member Mixer tonight at Corduroy. Joe Walsh, of Green Clean Maine, is now coordinating the mixers on a volunteer basis. Joe signed on Allagash Brewing as a an in-kind season underwriter of the events. He is currently booking locations for all of FY09. Stacy will contact him for the list of dates and venues and add the information to the web site.

The October annual meeting will be held off peninsula this year. We will survey the membership in August to determine whether it is a morning or evening event. Stacy suggests that we publicly acknowledge the many people who have aided our organization in the past year at the annual meeting. Membership and Marketing will coordinate a combined survey. The Membership Committee will be proposing member workshops for FY09 and topics for these events will be their focus on the survey.

Lauren will research local and regional sources for new stickers. Susan suggests looking into Storreytime as an option (they are a local printer who outsources stickers to New Hampshire). We are running low on Thank You cards, and Stacy suggests it may be a good time for a redesign. All agree.

Stacy will see if Arielle would be willing to help us with the project.

Marketing Committee

Chris and Nancy recap the City Council proclamation, Independents Week event at the Farmers’ Market and subsequent media coverage.

Lauren is currently seeking quotes for Buy Local flags. Stacy suggests looking at quantities of 25, 50, and 100. As the Board discusses the flags, it is mentioned that Photo Market has the ability to print on vinyl. Nancy also mentions that she may be able to help with the project if she could work on the flags over the course of the winter.

Chris presents the winning design for the new shirt. The winning entry was from Elizabeth Mitchell. Sally suggests that we combine individual memberships and t-shirt purchases (for example attach a mail-in membership postcard to each t-shirt). Sally makes a motion to accept the design chosen by the Marketing Committee. Susan seconds the motion. All approve.

Elise is working to coordinate a meeting about Downtown Worker Appreciation Day.

The next Marketing Committee meeting will be at the Bollard on the last Tuesday in July at 9am.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be at Maples on Wednesday, August 6th at noon.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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