July 12, 2011

Buy Local Board Meeting

July 12, 2011

In attendance: Elliot, Judy, Susan, Jan, Joe, Mary, Stuart, Chris, Bill, Nancy, Kristen, and John.

Motion to accept last meetings minutes. All in favor, noting change.


  • Bill reviewed budget.  Cash position is strong.
  • Budget for next year is based on 400 members @ $75 avg.
  • Recommendation to allocate noted amount on contracted staff.
  • 2012 budget was approved with minor shifts, but no changes in overall budget.


  • Susan discussed the need to add staff based on review of tasks completed at the committee level.
  • The board discussed the merits and needs.
  • Executive Board will hold a special meeting to begin the interview/hire/contracting process.

July Low-down:

  • Stacy gave an update on the next Low-Down
    • Where to get Ts and Bags
    • Media coverage for Independence Week
    • Welcome new members
    • Jobs figures
    • Other IBA news from around country
    • Indie Biz Save The Date
    • Video is complete

PIBCA Email:

  • We need someone to respond to the Buy Local email.
  • Kristen, Stacy and Susan will continue to manage in the interim while we are looking for staff.

Indie Biz Awards:

  • Tuesday, October 18th at Space


  • Chris gave an update on marketing
  • Buy Local Video is complete
  • It will be posted on Facebook and website
  • In light of budget cuts, we may want to revisit stance on trade (design and media) for membership
  • Chris will touch base with Mary RE: marketing for Indie Biz
  • We should revisit the Buy Local Bucks and do something else with them
  • We should reach out to the businesses that participated and get feedback

Member Survey:

  • Stacy gave an update on the study.
  • MCEP has offered to administer the survey within our budget, with some generous in-kind support.
  •  The question was raised about including non-members as well as competitive internet sales in the survey as well.  Stacy will check with MCEP.
  • Motion was made and accepted to approve moving forward with the survey with MPEC.

Next Board meeting is August 10.

Minutes recorded by J. Rooks

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