July 11th, 2012

Meeting Minutes – Portland Buy Local

July 11, 2012 at Portland’s Downtown District

Present: Elliot, Michelle S., Joan, Stacy, Will, Stuart, Nancy, Bill, Chris, Doug, Kristen, Jan, Danielle, Mary, Melissa, Emily


June minutes approved.

From the Treasurer:

Bill gave an update on the PIBCA Fiscal Policy, including two handouts. His main points going forward:

-Exec Committee needs documentation of spending each month.

-New, higher spending levels – $500 – (without approval) will give more leeway to the board and staff.

-We are flush with funds and everything looks good.

-The new treasurer should not have passwords to the accounts.

Jan asked about offering directors’/officers’ insurance. Stacy said she would contact other organizations and see what they do. Nancy felt we should have controls in place going forward. Bill suggested the Exec Comm should go over bank statements once a month – put it on the agenda every meeting and just quickly go through the spending.

Movement to adopt changes in Fiscal Policy. Second. All in favor, none opposed.

Bill said that PowerPay will be more expensive than PayPal. It will cost us more $ for the payment to be on the Buy Local site (as opposed to being directed offsite). $500 offsite, $1200 onsite. Everyone seemed to agree that we want it onsite. Will asked if we could find out about a PowerPay discount. Motion to approve $1200 fee for onsite transactions through PowerPay. Approved.

Board Transition:

Stacy gave a brief description of the executive committee and how it functions. She described the Secretary’s role as of late, and suggested we could add responsibility.

Kristen voiced interest in President. Joe would stay on as Membership Chair.

Danielle said she’d be interested in moving up – anything but treasurer.

Some voiced concern about lack of any interest in treasurer position.

Stacy reported Bri would consider Secretary.

Melissa is interested in holding some responsibility as well.

Board Social Gathering:

Danielle suggested a pot-luck to say goodbye to exiting board members and welcome the new ones. Bill D offered his house for the location. We’ll circulate an e-mail for dates.


Stacy will plan a 3c32 website tutorial for anyone interested. 90 minutes or so. Date TBA.

Indie Biz:

Danielle and Mary sent around a proposed budget and nomination categories. Lots of discussion about the “Business Without a Storefront” category that we’ve had in the past. Mary said decision on that category (whether to keep or not) will go back to the committee. Kristen reminded we shouldn’t barter with businesses for donations. Stacy asked if everything is in line with the budget.

Bill says we expect $3000, Danielle says we’ll bring in a projected $2700. Zwickerhill will photograph. (Melissa has a lead if he can’t.) Some money will go toward an emcee.


Kristen reported the committee hadn’t met in a while and we’re trying to schedule something for August. About 70 businesses dropped off as of June 30th. We’ll get a report out for next board meeting that details who and why (if we know). Membership stands at about 380.


Posters are printed, but haven’t been distributed. Directories are mostly delivered. Nancy reported many downtown businesses are already out. Discussion about paying someone to deliver directories. Emily suggested once a month for the next three months, we pay a PDD guide roughly $100 (10 hours or so) to coordinate deliveries in the downtown area. Approved.


Kristen brought up the Art for Life / Meetingplace Project – a neighborhood community and development project going on around town right now. It is funded by a major grant and Buy Local is a supporter/partner. Decision to e-mail our members about what they’re doing around town and how to get involved.

Stacy reported on Wells Lyons’s idea about public space wi-fi in Portland. Businesses would sponsor the wi-fi connection and receive advertising on the home page. Buy Local would like some involvement in this project. We’ll wait to hear details.

Thank you sustaining members!

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