January 21, 2009

Portland Buy Local January Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Susan Tran, Stacy Mitchell, Kristin Smith, Brianna McCabe, Stuart Gersen.

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo, Jan Beitzer Visitors: Kathy Palmer, Fetch

Susan opens the meeting.

The Board reviews and approves the minutes from the December 17, 2008 meeting.

The board takes a vote to elect Kathy Palmer of Fetch to the full board. The motion is approved.

Finance Committee:

  • Bill gives an overview of the balance sheet since 6/30/08. Accounts have been moved to Gorham Savings Banks.
  • Grant Update: we are waiting to hear about a block grant from the city of Portland.

Membership Committee:

  • Brianna gives an update. The committees met in January to brainstorm and would like to continue the print directory, focus on meeting members and hosting mixers. They plan to tackle eligibility guidelines in a separate meeting.

Marketing Committee:

  • Stacy reviews the recent member survey results. 57 businesses responded, many more than years past. They reported seeing s significant amount of impact on their business from the Buy Local campaign. PBL will issue a press release with these results.
  • Website traffic in November-December 2008 was up 20% from November- December of 2007.
  • Elise explains plans for the new Valentines Day marketing campaign. And the board approves a $500 expenditure for those activities.
  • A discussion is held on whether to move ahead with plans for the IndieBiz awards this year. There is some question to if we have the manpower to plan the event. Kathy volunteers to organize the event and mentions using the upstairs room at Empire.

Other items:

  • Stacy mentions that public policy was a priority of the members surveyed and Stuart strongly urges the board to put a plan in place to act on member requests such as this. The executive committee will talk about public policy at their next meeting.
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