January 9th, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2013

Conference room of PDD: 8:30am

Present: Joe Gervais, Danielle Marks, Emily Wiederkehr Rothschild, Elliott Teel, Jan Beitzer, Allen Baldwin, Mary Marsh, Kristen Smith, Joan Leitzer

Absent: Stuart Gersen, Michelle Smith, BriCourneya McCabe, John Rooks

Note regarding December minutes: they are being revised and we will approve them at a later date.

Marketing Committee:

Mixer January 16th at Portland Flea-For-All. Mixers are booked through June. In February, we will hold a Mixer at Coastal Enterprises, and in March we will hold one at Planet Dog. We have had positive feedback from December’s Mixer.

Teresa Lagrange has agreed to create artwork for our major annual campaigns for $860/year. Valentine’s Day poster will be her first big project, and she will be creating web images for our Shift campaign, plus thinking ahead to the Directory cover.

We will do a Valentine’s Day poster distribution, along with remaining directories. Michael (PDD employee) can work for us again to help distribute.

Portland Presents ad: expensive, but desirable audience for us. Cost is $1400 for black and white ¼ page. Let’s make sure we did it last year and then see if we can run the same ad. The deadline is in May.

The Marketing Committee needs to decide on a new time of week and time of day to meet. Elliott could use more help. Ideally, the committee would meet again at the end of January. Elliott will contact the board to see what day and time works best.

February Shift Campaign: February is “shift your banking and personal finance” – that will be the theme for our website and on Facebook  Looking ahead, March is related to home projects. Before each month begins, we’ll reach out to our members who fit into each category and let them know we’ll be promoting them. We can encourage them to edit their profiles, add tags, make sure info is up to date. The monthly themes will also help us recruit new members. Emily will draft a plan for February and March – which businesses fit, ideas for recruitment, and a plan for the website and Facebook.

Potential new board members:

Kristen will be meeting with Tony Cox of Casco Bay Frames, and speaking with Mara Higgins from Mainley Mara.  Emily mentioned a potential volunteer for the Marketing Committee.

Treasurer’s Report:

We have $1000 waiting in our accounts receivable if we can find a project for it. It was a gift from an attorney that was accepted by the previous Buy Local board. Movement to send an invoice and collect the money (all in favor, none opposed). Emily will set up an invoice.

Joe summarized the budget for the rest of the year. We will have CPA Chris Dyer of Marshall and Libby write up a 1099 for Emily and Joe will have it in the next couple of weeks. Board needs to determine if Teresa will be an independent contractor for Buy Local. It was brought up that there are changes in the law regarding independent contractors – Buy Local needs to review and decide if this is still the right route for us to be taking.

Changes coming up:

Emily gave her notice – she is pregnant and due in June. She would like to stop working by June 1st.  The Executive Committee will begin discussing the job description and job posting and then bring it to the board to make a plan for next steps. Emily can help train the new person in the spring.


The renewal letters are being proofed. Our membership rates will stay the same, and Heather’s ad rates are firm – she will not be increasing the back cover and will not decrease her smallest ads (2013 price for small ad will be $185). Lottery information for the back cover spot will go into our next newsletter. The Membership Committee hopes to stuff envelopes for the mailing on January 29th. Please try to attend.

Emily will speak with Danielle Layton (PDD) about new PDD businesses in the hopes that we can recruit some of them for Buy Local. We need to be making more of an effort approaching businesses and introducing ourselves as these new businesses open.

Rolling membership is still under discussion, and the cost of a second printing remains the big factor in deciding. Board discussed the pros and cons of a second printing. The Board decided to print 20,000 Directories again this spring. Our 2012-2013 Directories are almost gone – the remaining boxes will be distributed along with Valentine’s Day posters as part of that campaign.


Planned articles for the newsletter include the membership drive, Mixer at Flea-For-All, Shift Campaign, ILSR survey reminder, Member-to-member discount page.

Thank you sustaining members!

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