January 20, 2010

Buy Local Board Meeting Minutes 2010-01-20

Minutes approved from last board meeting

In attendance: Susan Tran, Nancy Lawrence, Brianna McCabe, Stuart Gersen, Judy Halpert, Bill Duggan, Jan Beitzer, Chris Busby, Stacy Mitchell, Elise Losciavo, and Joan Leitzer

Organizational calendar

  • Each committee is putting together
    Kristen send the memcom calendar to Susan

Mailbox key

  • One missing, Susan will ask Sally if she still has a copy
  • Maybe Stuart has. He is looking.

Financial Report

  • Not much change since the last report: only two cheques and one deposit
  • We may still owe money to Island Times for the December holiday ads (no invoice rec’d to date)


  • Committee presented a gift to Joan for modeling in the February campaign (a framed picture of her and her husband)
  • Valentine’s campaign: poster for members and ads, just like December holiday campaign
  • Want April campaign to be tied in with membership (campaign and tee-shirts that tie in with the directory cover and Independents Week)

Member Survey

  • Service businesses: are we engaging them?
  • Mix up our member mixers to a different time, make them more welcoming
  • Members join to get business and we need to help facilitate that for them
  • Survey showed that buy local members are shopping locally themselves
  • Stacy is putting together a letter on the above topic (members shopping locally themselves) and is looking for their stories on this topic
  • Retailers may have a hard time making it to the mixers because of the time of day they are held
  • Form a mixer committee that reports to the board to keep all better in the loop
  • Mem mixers food invoices have been very high and need to be done in-kind or within the $50 petty cash budget
  • Each season highlight in an eblast a certain service (ex: tax preparers at tax time)
  • Mixers – we need a welcoming/nametag funnel at mixers to help people feel more welcomed and letting members know they can go talk to board members, who are all wearing name tags
  • Question came up of whether the board should spend more meeting time reviewing the responses, but it is felt that the marketing committee spent time reviewing the survey and will therefore act accordingly
  • The highest “not sures” in the survey need more work because they are not understood and not out there for members
  • Delivery of packets: bring extra thank you cards to give extra when they are wanted
  • Marketing committee has had less press on Buy Local this year and they are looking to get more
  • Window decals: should they be dated? That will be discussed at the next memcom meeting.


  • KS will review the mixer budget with Joe
  • Board agrees to forming a mixer committee
  • Stuart suggests all invoices should be initialed by committee heads prior to payment
  • Next memcom meeting 1/25 at 5pm, Planet Dog (York Street)
  • Review of Directory proposal from Sunrise Guide: full color v. b/w, amount printed, rates, PIBCA content
  • Board votes to accept proposal with the following changes: addition of full color 1/8th page option between $100-150, cover will be designed in-house (marketing comm), raise rates on top end ads. Unanimously approved.

Minutes recorded by Brianna Courneya McCabe

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