February 28, 2007

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Sally Struever, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Jan Beitzer, Judy Halpert

Bill opens the meeting. The Board reviews and approves the February 7th meeting minutes. Bill leads the Board through the February financial report. Susan motions to accept the report. Chris seconds. The February financial report is unanimously approved.

Nancy mentions that she’s recruited a new participant and wonders about the timing given our upcoming membership drive. The Board discusses whether or not we should have special consideration for new participants. Susan made a motion to apply the $20 participation fee to the membership fee of any new participant from January 1, 2007 forward. Jan seconded the motion. The motion is unanimously approved.

Jan informs the Board that Allison Ayan’s replacement at the PDD is Elise Loschiavo. The Board agrees that Elise should automatically serve as a PIBCA Advisory Board member in Allison’s place.

Marketing Committee

The Board discusses the impact of the new Longfellow poster campaign. Response has been very positive. Nancy has provided a framed copy of the poster to Pat Eltman, Maine’s new Director of Tourism.

The Board has a brief discussion about the web site. The site will go live once the participant directory is complete. Susan reminds the Board of Stacy’s request for help with data entry for the directory. Sally and Susan offer to enter names. Stuart suggests that he could have an employee take on some of the work. Jan volunteers her staff as well. Susan will send the list to Stacy who will distribute the data once she returns from England.

The agenda for the next Marketing Committee meeting will be to discuss a 2007/2008 work plan and generate a budget to present to the Board. Chris will schedule the meeting after we’ve discussed membership at next week’s Board meeting.

Strategic Planning

The Board briefly reviews the revised Critical Issues document. We agree that this document will be the primary focus of our next meeting on March 7th. The agenda will be as follows:

1. Review and adopt the Critical Issues work plan

2. Reaffirm committee leadership

3. Review current committee members, assess needs, and propose new committee members

4. Strategize on how to grow participation

Structure Committee

Sally updates the Board on the progress that she and Carole have made on the by-laws. They have sent the current draft to PIBCA’s legal counsel at Verrill Dana for review. Once Sally has received feedback from Verrill Dana, she will present the document to the Board for review.

Sally shares information about the upcoming BALLE conference which will be held in California later this spring. Information is available on the BALLE web site.

Recruitment Committee

The Board reviews the draft of the Membership Proposal that was developed by the Structure Committee in November. The Board discusses the proposed levels and fees at length. Chris asks for clarification on the tiered, employee-based approach. Jan explains that larger businesses with more employees stand to enjoy a larger revenue boost from PIBCA’s efforts than smaller businesses with fewer employees. Susan further suggests that businesses with more employees will also tend to have more representatives attending PIBCA events and taking advantage of the membership benefits.

The Board unanimously decides to keep the possibility of a printed directory as an issue separate from Membership.

The Board determines that the storefront fee is redundant with the tiered, employee-based fee structure.

The Board unanimously chooses to recommend the following structure to the Recruitment Committee:

  • 0-14 Employees  $40
  • 15-49 Employees  $60
  • 50-99 Employees  $100
  • 100+ Employees  $200
  • Individuals  $20 (we will develop a logo item as the sole benefit for individual members such as a tote, tee, or bumper sticker)
  • Non-Profits  $50 (must meet same criteria as businesses but with a flat fee regardless of the number of employees)

The Recruitment Committee will further examine the proposed structure at the next Recruitment Committee meeting.

Meeting is adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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