February 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Buy Local Board Meeting

February 13, 2013

In attendance: Elliot, Jan, Tony, Doug, Kristen, Mary, Danielle, Joan and Brianna

Meeting commenced: 8:40am

Introduced Tony Cox, of Casco Bay Frames, who is visiting today. Potential board interest.

December 2012 minutes: Joan motioned to accept, Mary seconded. All in favor.

January 2013 minutes: will be approved next board meeting.

Next mixer next Wednesday at Bam Bam Bakery. Sebago allowing Urban Farm Fermentary to provide beverages as beer is not gluten free.

Marketing Committee Update (Elliot)

  • Last marketing meeting well attended.

  • New graphic up on website, finance and banking this month. A new graphic will be used every month following the Shift Campaign and will be posted on Facebook and the website. Image will be promoted on Facebook, as well, which has proved successful. January image viewed 2000 for $15. February’s image will be available prior to next marketing committee meeting.

  • Valentine’s Day ad put in several papers, posters out and board agreed they like the image. Posters distributed by Michael, which went well. Five big posters – one to Rosemont on Brighton, Beer Cellar, Merchant Co., Longfellow and Dean’s Sweets.

  • Debra Tennebaum, new marketing committee member, created spreadsheet based on shift calendar and worked in monthly budget and expenses and shared with committee.

  • Committee felt Portland Presents was too expensive for our budget this year. Kristen suggested proposing spending on ad to the board in future as we have money elsewhere in the budget. Deadline is June 2013. Kristen checking back in minutes to see what we decided next year.

  • All board members in attendance are in agreement to pay for color ad in Portland Presents next year.

  • Next directory cover will be at the next marketing committee meeting where it will be presented. Mary requested the cover be emailed to her if it arrives any earlier.

Finance Update (Joe not present, update from Kristen)

  • Currently have a budget surplus due to paying for less hours than estimated to our ambassador.

  • Executive committee reviewed finances at their last meeting and we have approximately $40,000 in bank and the membership drive starting soon. Exec committee talked about moving some of the $40,000 to a CD but board decided against this due to love CD rates (.5%) and we also may need start up costs with new staff person. Will hold off on investing now but executive committee is aware of surplus money.

  • Expenses and cash flow on track. All funds have been transferred to UCU. Few hundred left at Gorham to cover any outstanding bills that may be tied to the account.

  • Currently PowerPay does not accept American Express. Icon is on our website because PayPal accepted. Fees are higher with AMEX. Kristen asking Joe to find out if anyone actually uses AMEX and what the additional fees would be to keep AMEX. We will need to make decision via email because decision needs to be made soon for membership drive and not enough board members present to vote.

Ambassador Position Update

  • We plan on having one month of overlapping staffing – a month for Emily to work with the new ambassador.

  • State has changed criteria on who counts as independent contractor and when that person should become an employee. Kristen tried to get in touch with a volunteer who does employment law, but hasn’t heard back and she also ran it by our accountant. At exec committee, proposed to talk to Jan about funneling an employee through PDD and Jan feels it would be a good idea. Small administration fee charged by PDD as administrative charge. PDD’s accountant will review on Friday and Jan will submit a detailed proposal to exec committee

  • Kristen asked board to review Ambassador job description over next week.

  • Board wants to post the job mid-March, interview through March, hire in April and then one month of staff overlap. Emily with Buy Local until June 1st.
  • Emily back at the end of February. Emily will review job description and will speak of where job wasn’t what she expected.

  • Mary suggested owning a Buy Local laptop to keep all files in one contained place. Jan suggested automatic backup. Kristen suggested getting a phone number and phone for staff person. Members frustrated that we don’t have a phone number.

  • Kristen wonders who long we need to keep old records – old paper membership materials, etc.

Membership Committee Update (Mary)

  • Initial mailing went out on Monday. Emily tracking renewals. Email with ad sheet will be sent out next week.

  • Next mailing will be in two weeks, dependent on how renewals are going. After that it will be who is left to renew, board members start making calls.

  • Mary will set next meeting date via email soon.

  • Need to start planning rolling membership. Also need to address new member recruits – target groups to focus on. Will start working on that once through drive.

  • Shift schedule is a great way to recruit. Gives us categories to target via letter, email or personal visits.

  • Lottery for the covers went really well. Had seven interested parties. CBD got back cover. Seems to be the most fair way to sell space.

  • Membership meets on Mondays at 4pm, once a month at PDD.

Other Business

  • New recruit ideas: Danielle from PDD passed on new PDD businesses to Emily. Pass on ideas to Emily.

  • Stacy putting together a state report of survey for us.


  • Will include membership drive, call for ideas for recruits, mixer update, blurb about shifting finances, survey results summary (Kristen will forward via email) and Longfellow Books update.

Longfellow Books Update:

  • Kristen spoke to Stuart’s daughter who said they are accepting cash donations. Need help to go through every book in store and come up with plan for everything that is damaged and replacing fixtures/shelving and books that is damaged. Encouraging people to buy books online.

  • Having event Thursday night to do reading that was already planned. Would a Cash Mob be a good idea – could they handle people coming in?

  • Stuart’s daughter will be back in touch with Kristen. Doug offered to clean windows free of charge.

  • Kristen proposes making a donation to Longfellow. We made $250 donation to Ed King. And Kristen proposes that we do the same for Longfellow. All present in favor of donating this amount. Kristen reach out to board for one more vote to approve.

  • Online cash mob for Longfellow and pick up books at a certain time. Have well wishes card at the mixer for people to sign and Doug has a card here at meeting for board to sign. Kristen will get card to Joe to sign in which he’ll include the check.

Annual meeting:

  • Emily reaching out to few potential businesses to host, $250 budget. Full agenda at March board meeting. Push annual meeting to April.

Maine Audubon:

  • Putting together a steering committee and they would like Buy Local representation. Board thinks we should have representation. Kristen or Danielle will do it.

Meeting adjourned: 9:50am

Thank you sustaining members!

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