December 16, 2009

Portland Buy Local December Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Bill Duggan, Nancy Lawrence, Susan Tran, Kristen Smith, John Rooks, Briana Couryene, Joan Leitzer, Chris Buzby, Kathy Palmer. Judy Halpert.

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo, Jan Beitzer

Susan opens the meeting. The Board reviews and approves the minutes from the November meeting.

General Board and Meeting Protocols

  • Susan opened a discussion about ways to better manage and facilitate meetings.
  • Feedback was provided that there was need to clarify the roles and expectations of individual committees. Case and point: at the last meeting there was some backtracking of decisions that had been made at the board level. Perhaps some clearer expectations should be set (by the board) for the committee. Perhaps changing the by-laws to require board members to serve on at least one committee. A suggestion was made for that committees might send around information before board meeting for contemplation.
  • Leveraging designers, freelancers and other vendors who are working at a discount or gratis makes it difficult to be demanding.
  • We discussed establishing a Volunteer Coordination Committee. A movement was made to establish this committee. It was voted unanimous. We will recruit for this and other committee renewals in January.
  • We should have an event with all volunteers and board members to meet and thank them.
  • New best practices were handed out and discussed.
  • Moved and Approved to adopt new best practices.

Bill updated us on Finances

  • We have healthy account balances and are in good financial standing.
  • Membership dues dates are based on the date written on the check.

Kristen gave an update on Membership

  • The committee will be meeting on the 4th Monday of each month.
  • There is a volunteer working on the FileMaker database to make it easier to use and pull data out. She will also be re-doing the membership form.
  • Original renewal letter will go out at the end of January. We need a budget approval for an outer envelope (qty 1000) + BRE (qty 1000), letter printing, renewal form, labor. Total budget request: $1,300 –which includes postage that will be around $400.
  • Moved and Approved.
  • RFP for the directory production is due Dec31.
  • Member mixer is tonight at Happy Yogi.

Chris updated us on Marketing

  • The photo shoot for the February Valentines poster went well.
  • Holiday campaign is active running well.

Other Business

  • Waiting to hear back from the consultant on the survey vehicle.
  • Kathy and Stuart are sitting on the study committee as well.
  • We will do another member survey in first few weeks of January. If we want it to contribute to the national survey it will need to happen between the 5th and 12th.
  • Stacy will send survey questions around to board.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by John Rooks, Secretary

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