December 12th, 2012 Minutes

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes – December 12, 2012

Conference room of PDD: 8:30am

Present: Joe Gervais, Danielle Marks, Emily Wiederkehr Rothschild, Elliott Teel, Jan Beitzer, Allen Baldwin, Mary Marsh, Kristen Smith, Joan Leitzer

Absent: Doug Johnson, Stuart Gersen, Michelle Smith, Will Cary

Motion to approve November minutes: Accepted (all in favor, none opposed)

Marketing Committee:

Thank you to everyone for helping with the holiday campaign. Posters were very well-received. Committee will look into Facebook ads in the future. Currently waiting on year-end financial figures to review our remaining funds.


Last mixer at Peloton Labs was great with big crowd, lively conversation and new faces. The next Mixer will be at Portland Flea-For-All in January. Sebago is still the sponsor (through June 2013). Roost may want to hold a future Mixer (they are potential new members) as does Circa Home and Vintage.

The Shift Campaign:

Board discussed adopting the Shift Campaign with some changes to make it suit our needs. This month-by-month campaign will help the board organize upcoming year. Board had discussion about having current directory cover artist, Teresa Lagrange, design art for our major campaigns (i.e.: Valentine’s Day, Directory, and Christmas). Elliott will propose the idea to Teresa. The board could use the images in the newsletter, on the web and in the future. Marketing Committee recommends hiring Teresa for another year. The committee has $1000 left for the fiscal year for that type of spending. Motion to adopt the Shift Campaign with revisions and to approve Teresa for creating art for us for another year was accepted (all in favor, none opposed).

Upcoming ad decisions:

PDD brochure ad: Cost is $1575 full page (but we split with two of our member businesses, last year Portmanteau and Longfellow Books). Only Buy Local gets this deal. We could opt for a ¼ page ad if we wanted. Marketing committee will reach out to Nancy and Stuart to see if they’d like to go in on the full page again. If not, we can approach other members (but they must be members also of PDD). January deadline. It’s published by the PPH. Board decided to wait until the January meeting to decide.

Treasurer’s report:

Our bank accounts have moved from PayPal to PowerPay. We have $8000 for Marketing until June 30th (end of fiscal year). That is after paying for our MPBN ad ($1700). All dues are renewed and paid in the first half of the year (that’s when the money comes in) and then we spend during the second half of the year.It was brought up that the executive committee needs a financial plan. They will address the budget surplus at the next Executive Committee Meeting.

Membership Committee:

Rolling memberships are being actively considered by the Membership Committee. Mary spoke to Heather about printing a second run of the Directory and it will be several thousand dollars more, so that needs to be discussed. The 2013 membership drive is on track with Emily working on the initial renewal letter. Heather has coordinated her ad sales timeline with Mary. There is a slight increase in ad costs. We will be paying $695 for Joe Bornstein’s full page ad as payment for the Buy Local message on the Time and Temp message in November, 2012. The board discussed lottery vs. auction for back cover ad space, and whether any excess money brought in could subsidize ads for struggling businesses. Board decided this is up to Heather. Price increase in smaller ads (last year, price was $175 and this year will be $185). Mary will ask Heather about increasing the back cover spot and keep the smallest ads the same price as last year. Decision to stick with just one directory printing this year but it is possible to do two printings in 2014. This year the boards needs to focus on getting ready for the membership campaign.The board was reminded that everyone will need to help make some renewal calls and e-mails. It is hoped that Heather could help us collect dues, since a business cannot run an ad without renewing.

Other business:

Buoy Local: a graduate student’s study about buying local in the Portland area. Board agreed we could poll our members at the end of January to gauge interest. It would not be an official Buy Local endorsement, but a pledge to help him (and hope he’d share his findings with us).


We have a need for a member marketing opportunity page. We could post links, and members take it from there. Most of the opportunities are not members or local – just resources for our members. We would have to establish criteria for what is allowed up there. Emily will send the board three examples of marketing opportunities and we will discuss at next meeting.


Topics will include holiday shopping / buying locally, MECEP talk, membership drive, TEDxDirigo, call for volunteers and Ed King fundraising events.

Ed King:

He’s always been a big supporter and Kristen proposed Buy Local make a contribution to the fund to help defray his medical costs. Motion to contribute $250 anonymously to the Ed King fund. All in favor, none opposed.

New Board Recruits:

Kristen will be meeting with Tony Cox of Casco Bay Frames. He’s on the PMA board as well. He will come to the January board meeting. Emily will have a conversation with staff at Sebago Brewing to gauge interest there. Kristen added that our board/committee participation is sparse right now and we need to get everyone involved, we need more volunteers, and we need to get new energy into the board. She reminded the Board that we all have a great responsibility to keep the organization vibrant and moving forward and asked for strong commitment and energy from every Board member.

In January, Board will plan an annual meeting for March or April and we will include  volunteer appreciation. Regarding volunteers, Brianna and Emily felt that we needed to update our volunteer database to make it current.

Board went into executive session and Emily was excused from the room. The board then voted to give Emily a $500 year-end bonus.

Thank you sustaining members!

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