August 8th, 2012

Portland Buy Local minutes – August 8, 2012

Present: Susan Tran, Stuart Gersen, Joan Leitzer, Chris Busby, Nancy Lawrence, Danielle Marks,,
Kristen Smith, Bill Duggan, Emily Rothschild, Stacy Mitchell, Joe Gervais, John Rooks, Doug Johnson,
Brianna Courneya, John Rooks

July minutes were approved.

A special thank you was given to all exiting founding board members.

Indie Biz Awards.

• Danielle noted that nominations will be ready this week, voting to follow.
• We are working with Perch Studio on the web portion.
• Categories will be provided later this week via email.

• Emily discussed DWAD and will send out an email request for volunteers
• Portland Pirates, a new member, has asked for support with their Frugal Fridays event atEmpire. We would have the stage of an hour, could hand out directories, mingle with crowd.
Hour Exchange and GrowSmart are the next two Fridays. Emily will let them know that we areinterested in an event later in the season [before Thanksgiving], but will send some boardmembers to check it out. Avoid a First Friday.
• RedClaws wants to do a Local Flavor Group. We could see discounted tickets for the game andretain some funds from those sales. It was agreed that this was not something we wanted totake on due to the level of effort.
• The MECA Resource Fair is coming up on Sept. 4th. Brianna will put the call out for volunteers
to staff a table, otherwise we will send directories.
• Chris gave an update on upcoming marketing
• Theresa will do more images for Fall and Holiday – copy/position has not been developed yet.
• Continuing with ads promoting directory through Sept to attract student crowd.
• Large Posters are hard to place and expensive – we need to be careful with printing too many
oversized posters.
• Current Marketing Committee is preparing transition documents for the new Marketing
• Emily gave an update on the Aug. Newsletter
• Looking for additional content.
• Board transition, retrospective
• IndieBiz and DWAD
• Stacy has an article from ILSR she can provide a link to

• Kristen and Joe gave an updates
• A list of business that did not renew was provided. All of them were contacted personally.
• Next year, we need to have a policy that you cannot purchase an ad until you have renewed.
• Joe is willing to take on the Treasurer role, but not in conjunction with the Membership
Committee Chair. A board member does need to chair the committee.


• Brianna and Emily gave an update.
• The second summer directory distribution is planned for before Labor Day.
• We have hired someone to do additional distribution during the summers, and discussed hiring

same for a Nov. distribution.

Executive Committee

• Susan gave an update from the July meeting.
• No changes or corrections, motion to approve made and approved.
• Elections:
• President – Kristen Smith
• Vice President -Danielle Marks
• Secretary – Brianna Courneya
• Treasurer – Joe Gervais
• Marketing Committee Chair –
• Membership Committee Chair –
Nominations were made as above, seconded and approved.

• Board Social Gathering
• Monday at 5, Bill’s place, potluck/BYOB.
Other Business

• Stacy mentioned that we need a place for BL photos. Also encouraged everyone to takepictures. She will create a dropbox folder.
• New England Local Business Form is having a semi-annual gathering to learn about what other
groups are doing. October 5th is their next event. Might be a good opportunity for new board
members and Emily to attend in Portsmouth.
• The Buy Local wall at Longfellow needs to be maintained now that Nancy is no longer in thebuilding.
Meeting adjourned at 9:35.

Minutes recorded by John Rooks

Thank you sustaining members!

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