August 8, 2011

Buy Local Board Meeting

August 8, 2011

In attendance: Elliot, Judy, Stacy, Susan, Jan, Joe, Mary, Chris, Bill, Nancy, Kristen, Brianna, Danielle, Stuart, and John.

Motion to accept last meetings minutes. All in favor, noting change.


Susan gave an update on the possible hire.

  • Kristen is working with an attorney on possible legal boundaries
  • She gave an update on a possible AmeriCorp potential to look at to see if it is worth our time.  Deadline is Sept. 1
  • We should email Jennifer at AMIBA and see if other AMIBAs have done this

August Low-Down

Stacy gave an update.  Should go out around the 15th.

  • Promote the video
  • Call for sponsors for IndieBiz
  • New Keep it in the Loop Posters/Campaign
  • Save the date for DWAD
  • Membership tip for using the website.
  • Directory announcment

Research Study:

Stacy gave an update.

  • We will see a draft of the redesigned survey tool soon.

Board Governance:

Susan gave an update.

  • Board (re)elections are coming up in September

Indie Biz Awards:

Danielle gave an update:

  • We looked at the proposal to integrate voting into the site
  • Questions for 3C32:

◦      How difficult is reporting?

◦      Can we have it up in 2 weeks?

◦      I vote per day per IP address?

◦      Need to work through Nomination vs. Voting process.

◦      Free form box for why nominated for?

◦      Sponsor logos on IndieBiz page

  • Limit 5 nominees in each category (top 5+)
  • Allow companies in multiple categories
  • Have some Amy Teh signed posters as auction
  • Free for members, $5 suggested donation for others
  • Mary Allen wants to work on sponsors again and has set a goal of $5000:

◦      $500 level

◦      $250 level

  • Revised budget was approved.


Chris gave an update on marketing

  • Keep it in the Loop Poster is printed
  • Print ads support the campaign
  • Holiday Campaign Idea – highlight products members have you can only get in Portland

◦      Maybe tweak the idea to include “the experience”

◦      “Only in Portland”

  • Century Tire is turning 85yo…can we drop it on the site?
  • DWAD is scheduled for 15th of September

◦      We will be able to sell Buy Local bags

Membership Committee:

Joe gave an update.

  • Should we have a post-printed directory program.  New member recruitment.
  • We will explore this idea at the Executive Committee level

Volunteer Committee:

Brianna gave an update.

  • Will be meeting in August
  • ~300 business have received directories
  • There are 80 or so that have not been delivered to for a variety of reasons
  • Need to schedule a second delivery

Meeting adjourned at 9:45.

Next Board meeting is September 14.

Minutes recorded by J. Rooks

Thank you sustaining members!

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