August 19, 2009

Portland Buy Local August Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Nancy Lawrence, Stacy Mitchell, Kristin Smith, Kathy Palmer, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Brianna McCabe

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo, Jan Beitzer

Stacy opens the meeting.

The meeting minutes from July are approved.

Membership Committee

  • Membership Drive: Kristen says there needs to be more months in which to complete the membership drive. Stuart agrees the entire process is too much in too little time and the committee members may not choose to do it again next year.
  • More money is needed for mailings, the board talks about doing more than one mailing. Bill suggests sending the mailings as invoices rather than renewals.
  • The board discusses taking credit cards for member dues. Bill points out that it isn’t local to take credit cards and sending a percentage of $$ away from Portland. The board will revisit the issue in a later board meeting.
  • Kathy wonders if there are other ways to get people to join or renew without chasing them down. Nancy thinks part of the problem is the perception that we are a staffed organization.
  • The board hopes to have a plan and a budget for the next membership drive in the next couple of months.
  • Directory: Joe Walsh, a membership committee member, stresses that the directory is too much work for a volunteer. Jan suggests sending it out as an RFP to local publications.
  • Stacy mentions that we are limited in the place we can send it to. The board decides to send out an RFP to evaluate our options but only to publications that will qualify as a Buy Local member.
  • Mixers: Joe is hoping for the member mixers to be more focused, such as with discussion topics or speakers. The board discusses limiting them to members and guests, not keeping them open to the public.
  • Joe would like a partner to produce the mixers with.  Stacy likes the idea of adding an educational component.  The board discusses doing monthly mixers with the exception of August and November.

Other Items

  • There is talk about doing a Twitter mob at the September 2 farmers market. Nancy will talk to them to guage their interest.
  • The annual meeting is tentatively set for October. The executive committee will talk on Sept 2 about options for the meeting.


  • Downtown Worker Day is Sept 24 with a rain date of Sept 25.
  • The committee is reordering thank you cards and bumper stickers.
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