August 15, 2007

Portland Buy Local Meeting Minutes Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Portland Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Chris Busby, Bill Duggan, Stuart Gersen, Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Stacy Mitchell, Susan Tran

Advisory Board members in attendance: Jan Beitzer, Elise Loschiavo Bill opens the meeting. The Board reviews and approves the July 18th meeting minutes.

Executive Committee

Bill announces that the Board should be actively seeking nominees. Chris suggests that while there are currently no new members of the Marketing Committee, he is aware of a few good candidates for the Board. Joan reports that there are a few new individuals on the Membership Committee, but she isn’t sure if they are interested in participating at the Board level.

The Board discusses whether or not there are members of the Advisory Board who would be willing to become regular Board members. Susan will contact Mary Allen and Bill will get in touch with Alan Schmid. The election will be held at the September Board meeting.

Bill shares a donation request he received from the owners of Casablanca Comics. They are participating in an upcoming Cultivating Community event on September 30th and are seeking a financial donation from Buy Local for the event or items for their silent auction. The Executive Committee discussed the request at its last meeting and agreed that Buy Local does not have the funds to provide a financial donation but could perhaps solicit member businesses for auction items. Joan suggests that Oh No Café may be interested in donating. The Board agrees to support the project. All items are to be delivered to Videoport by September 15th.

The gift basket for Nathan Eldridge is ready. Chris will pick-up the items and deliver them to Nathan.

Stuart suggests we consider printing Buy Local logo envelopes particularly for use with donations. For the time being, Stuart will print some logo labels for this purpose.

Bill announces the Executive Committee’s desire for a fall member gathering. The Board discusses the goals for such an event. Ultimately it is determined that it should be our First Annual Membership Meeting. Stacy suggests we use the event to engage members and also recruit individuals for the Board and committees.

Jan suggests the event be held in the morning instead of the evening. Bill agrees. Susan is concerned about our ability to find a space donation for a morning meeting. Bill feels that attendance is more important than donated space. The Board determines that we should send a quick survey to our members. Susan will send it the e-mail by week’s end.

Stacy suggests we contact St. Lawrence. Joan suggests we also contact Woodfords Church. The Board agrees that ideal dates would be Tuesday, October 16th; Thursday, October 18th; or Tuesday, October 30th.

Stuart will talk with Amanda about designing a post card invitation for the event.

The Board discusses who should be invited. Ultimately it is determined that the event should include members and participants with the hope that we can renew participants at the registration table.

Elise suggests we send an invitation via post. Susan suggests we combine this with a “save the date” e-mail as soon as we have a date nailed down.
Stacy wonders if we should also include our vision and a recap of our successful campaigns. Additionally she suggests we end with an open question and answer session.

Stacy suggests developing a brief slide show/PowerPoint presentation of Buy Local’s history

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held at 11am on Wednesday, August 29th at the NorthStar.

Marketing/Education Committee

Chris discusses the next candidates for the Indy Biz posters including Big Sky, Casablanca Comics, Material Objects, Casco Bay Frames, and others. The Board approves the full list.

Bill requests that the Marketing Committee develop a set of criteria for reviewing advertising offers and proposals. Nancy requests that the guidelines include a stated preference for local, independent media outlets.

Chris discusses the underwear ad campaign and his concerns about the potential conflict of interest that stems from his involvement in overseeing the ad for his own publication. The Board discusses the time frame and costs associated with the series. Stacy suggests we step back from the series until the Board has had an opportunity to resolve the issues on the table. The Marketing Committee will follow-up by developing an ad budget for FY08.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will work on developing an organization budget and proposed budgets for committees.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Susan Tran.

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