August 11, 2010

Buy Local Board Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2010

In attendance: Joe, Bill, Chris, Elise, Joan, Stacy, Nancy, Bri and Kristen

Acceptance of last month’s minutes


  • Inflow under $25,000
  • Cash position $36-37k
  • Membership committee spent below budget (spent less on mailing)
  • Upcoming spending on website development


  • Up and running with a volunteer committee
  • Mary Allen sponsoring
  • Location booked at Space Gallery for October 13
  • Will put save the date on BL website


  • Interviews with 3 companies happening
  • Kristen, John, Stacy and Sue on committee (with plenty of room for others to join committee)
  • 4 month process, live in January for membership drive

September board meeting

  • We will address website questions/updates that we want to see made – think about these questions/updates prior to meeting
  • Before September meeting, also look at our website and note what could make it great and think of it in terms of our mission statement
  • Ideas: different membership levels and different website services per membership level (IE: featured sustaining member on website)
  • Stacy will send out an email asking for feedback on our website on front page or the website

Strategic Plan

  • Goal of getting a staff person – important to do before the next membership drive
  • Interest in doing a board retreat in January, facilitated by Marsha
  • Separate second meeting in January

Board Recruitment

  • Joe from University Credit Union – new board member!
  • Kathy stepping away
  • Talk specific types of people we are missing (IE: off peninsula, more retailers, specific skill sets)
  • Add 2-3 new board members before the January retreat
  • Those to be asked to come to a board meeting: Heather Chandler, Leslie @ Aurora, Jonah @ Local Sprouts, Cheryl and Noreen @ El Rayo, Tim McClain of Food Coop, Don and Samantha @ Rabelais, Elliot May, Greg @ Apothecary, Stacy who comes to mixers, Keith @ Zero Station


  • Amy Teh doing 4 images (fall, holiday, spring and summer)
  • Summer image will be associated with the directory
  • Holiday image will show thanks to community for their support
  • Maine magazine sent rates for October and requested we send out discounted rate to our members:
  • > Lack of trust in the magazine
  • > Rates not very discounted. Stacy will forward rates to marketing committee (to decide if it’s a good deal)

Membership Committee

  • Hire someone for November 2nd distribution
  • Kristen weighing out cost of mailing 3, 5 and 10 directories
  • Directories in various locations around town (CBD on Washington, Videoport, PDD, Rosemont on Brighton, UCU on Forest, Longfellow Books)
  • Send out an email this week for Worker Appreciation Day donations
  • Send out an email for volunteers in September
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